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Look Dazzling in a Wig

Friday, November 19th, 2010

Female Wigs

Need some wigs? Why not stock up now and get a great deal on one of our many fabulous costume wigs, they are the perfect costume accessories to any costume, you will add the magical finishing touch to any costume with one of our many cheap wigs, and inexpensive wigs. Whether your looking for a classic wig of your favorite movie star such as Marilyn Monroe, try our stunning Marilyn Monroe Costume Wig, people will think your Marilyn herself with the short curly locks of hair and the famous Blonde hair that said Happy birthday mr. President! Or if your looking for some funny wigs we have those too! everything from mermaid wigs to multi colored wigs we are your number one source for cheap wigs on the net! Say your a blonde, why have some fun with your friends and try and be a brunette for the day or week! your sure to turn heads with one of our brunette wigs like our brunette mullet wigs, your sure to be the talk of the office that day! or say your a brunette, why not be a blonde for the day or a week? Try one of or stunning blonde wigs, we have everything from short curly wigs to long curly wigs. Or say you have long hair why not give your special someone a laugh and show up in one of our short wigs, its all the shock without the actual haircut! We have lots of cheap short wigs for you to choose from try one of our costume wigs today!

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Short Wigs and Long Wigs for Halloween

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

Halloween Costume Wigs

Halloween wigs are a tradition that won’t have you scratching your head…Well, any wig itches if you leave it on long enough, just try not to have too much fun this Halloween night and sleep in the wig and you should do alright. Wigs are a fantastic resource when it comes to putting together a costume. They save time and money by allowing you not to go get it done professionally. Wigs are also good for use in groups where consistency in style is important. If you nedd everyone’s hair to look identical you’ll spend a fortune on stylists…why not just put everyone into a wig? Whatever your need, I’m happy to say that there are wigs available to you from choppy short pink wigs to long gray witch wigs you’ll find the perfect piece of synthetic hair to mount your skull.

Costume wigs are fun items that you’ll get some use out of. Especially if you have little kids. They love to play dress up. Let your little darling look fabulous in a feather boa and matching wig. Very fun for tea parties and any time your little one wants to live in that special childhood fantasy land. Don’t throw away old costume items when you can get use from them for years to come. Many people only wear their wigs once for Halloween and then they are thrown away. So sad considering the great number of uses that can come of old costume items. Maybe you’ll wake up bald one morning…that bright purple wig in the closet will probably be better than no hair at all! Emergency hair to the rescue!

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Scary Witch Wigs

Friday, June 25th, 2010

Scary Witch Wigs

The witch is of course one of the most common costumes every Halloween. There is just something that Americans love about the creepy witch. With her greenish skin, crooked nose and humped back the witch is the outcast celebrated but once per year. Some characteristic touches go into most Halloween witch costumes. The pointy black hat is the most important, then the witch dress-which is much more flexible in style that the hat-and thirdly is the witch hair. You can’t just go out there with normal hair when you’re dressing as a witch! Witches have crazy hair…either wild and colored or long and straight. Depends on the style you’re going for. I, personally, dig the classic witch hair. Problem is, that not all women have long straight hair. Don’t go through the trouble of straightening and dying when you can just pick out a long black wig to go with your costume.

Don’t go into an expensive wig store to do this either, you’ll get tricked into spending several hundred dollars. Costume wigs are perfect for a few uses and will have your costume looking finished and unique the moment you put it on your head. Costumes don’t have to be difficult to put together; with a wig you’re cutting out any prep time having to do with hair. That, for some of us, can be hours! That’s more time to go out and enjoy the dark fun of Halloween night!

Long Witch Wig

Long Witch Wig

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Retro Costume Wigs 50s-70s

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

Retro Costume Wigs

If you really want to look like you blend into another era you have to get the hair right. Almost more than even clothing, hairstyles have evolved a lot over the years. The endless ways that your locks can be styled truly makes looking authentic a bit difficult, if not just annoyingly time consuming. Fear not ma’ lady, for there are inexpensive retro wigs that make styling your hair for hours completely unnecessary. Why spend tons of time and money on your hair when you can plop on a wig for under twenty bucks. The beehive is an iconic hairstyle that should never be duplicated in the present age because of how difficult maintaining the look is. With a wig you’ll be ready to go to the big Halloween event is only a few minutes. Not only are there traditional colors to choose from, but for a Marge Simpson type of look there are such items as Blue beehive wigs.

The salons of the 50s-70s produced some styles that without aid of heavy chemicals could not have existed. Why don’t you give your scalp a rest and use a costume wig instead? Hair chemicals are nasty. So use a costume wig instead of subjecting your brown hair to that much peroxide. Or formaldehyde based straightener. You know, in Greece working with these chemicals makes hairstyling considered a high risk profession entitled to early retirement? Anyway, you’ll save your self some exposure and some cash. Double bonus! Triple Score. Oh yeah…

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Womens Scary Wigs

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

Scary Wigs

Looking scary and looking sexy seem like they may be opposites. When you think of a scary character, they’re often disheveled and dirty. You want to have a great costume, sans dirt, grease and blood spatter. Consider adding a scary wig to your outfit. The styling is wild colorful and the devil wigs include horns. Scary has never been so cute. Just put on a dark dress and a lot of light makeup; put on the wig and you’re ready to go. You can say that you’re dressed as Satan’s mistress. Very creepy. I always like to use costume wigs when putting together a costume because, often, you need little else to go along with them. They truly make the costume. And they’re cheap.

Many wigs available are under ten bucks. When thinking of ways to cut down on costume costs, wigs are a great way to go. For those who don’t like spending hours getting their hair ready, wigs are an excellent choice as well. Instead of spending the afternoon in a haze of hairspray, just shove those locks under a wig. In a matter of minutes you’ll have your costume together. Better yet, you won’t need to wash out all the crap before you go to bed.

Scary wigs make a festive costume at any Halloween costume gathering. Or any costume party for that matter. Dressing up has never been less intimidating or inexpensive. Unleash the sexy devil inside and be the life of the party!

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Costume Wigs for Him Her and More

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

Cheap Costume Wigs

When you’re planning a costume, the wig is an important accessory to consider. Often forgotten, the wig can take a lot of time out of getting ready for your next costume. Instead of having to carefully style or dye your hair for a costume all you have to do is pop on a cheap costume wig! Whatever the style of a costume, there are inexpensive costume wigs available to suit your need. Need a Marilyn Monroe? There are tons of them. Need a Jersey Shore Poof…its there for you. Spending a bunch of time on hair for a costume really is a waste, since if Halloween or that next costume party are any fun-you’ll end up with your hair down and toseled.

Wigs don’t need to cost hundreds of dollars. Don’t let the wig salesman fool you into thinking that you need to buy real human hair. For a costume all that you need to worry about is whether it matches your costume…for instance you don’t want to be a blonde Elvira! Spending big bucks on a costume wig is just silly, so don’t do it!

With all the time you’ll save by not doing your hair for your next costume, you have extra time to pre party! Not to mention you won’t be constantly worrying that your heavily hair sprayed locks are falling or that the temporary dye you used is running down your forehead.

Giving nothing to pause over, the costume wig is the perfect choice for a quick costume.

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Short Wigs

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

Short Wigs

Short wigs are often hard to find because everyone wants to make their hair longer! Our short costume wigs come in many styles and colors and will surely fit you costuming needs. Items such as short costume wigs in purple can be needed for groups and they can be hard to come in quantity if you can find them at all. No worries with our many short costumes. There are traditional styled wigs for a simple change of look; these are excellent substitutes for expensive real hair wigs that can run into the thousands of dollars. Others short wigs include bobs and cindy wigs. Colors range from blonde to auburn to green! Red wigs, for those seeking the so now ginger look, are available in quite a few styles.

For those mod costumes, try out a mod bob wig that will look fantastic with a mini dress. The bob wigs and cindy wigs are available in both realistic tones and carnival type neon. Short wigs are needed for all sorts of purposes and for their price are perfect for schools and theater productions. For group musical numbers where you all need to look identical, our costume wigs won’t have Ms. Penny Pincher complaining. Try out a neon green cindy cut for your St. Patrick’s Day party…you won’t get pinched!

Costume short wigs are fun and can even have a little sex appeal…like the sexy auburn wig below. Get your ginger on!

Short Auburn Wig

Short Auburn Wig

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Costume Wigs for all Occasions

Saturday, February 27th, 2010

Costume Wigs

Let’s face it. No one these days has a ton of cash. A great way to cut corners on costumes is through the use of cheap costume wigs. Wigs come in thousands of styles for every possible costume. Wigs are annually one of our best sellers because of their high quality, diverse utility and low prices. For Halloween costumes of many types, a wig can add a lot of depth to your character. For theater productions or for building your theater wardrobe wigs are a necessity. There is no way that the quick costume changes of many plays can go off without the use of costume wigs. Costume wigs are a lifesaver.

Real human hair fashion wigs can cost hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars. Our costume wigs start at just a few bucks and come in more styles than offered at any wig shop. Costume wigs are the way to go for temporary uses of wigs. Or for fashion if you want to be a bit outlandish, try wearing a crazy costume wig to work. As long as it doesn’t violate the corporate code of conduct. Go ahead and do it! You’re probably on your way to a lay off anyway…cough…on a brighter note, costume wigs can save you a whole bunch of dough when compared to even synthetic fashion wigs.

For props or for Halloween, costume wigs will make your costume that much better. Giving you the edge over all of the others out there. The point is to have the best costume, right? Well, you may need a wig in that case.

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Costume Mullet Wigs

Friday, February 19th, 2010

Mullet Wigs

Ahhh, the Mullet! An 80s retro throwback that really cannot be ignored. The mullet began in the early 80s and late 70s as a fashion adopted by the likes of Motley Crew and other 80s rock bands. Eastern Europeans also have a particular penchant for the short in the front and greasy long in the back. Varying in its popularity levels over the last 30 years it’s pretty much now a joke of sorts. It makes an awesome wig though. You don’t have to cut your hair to get that mullet look! Just slap on a cheap mullet wig and you’ll be good to go.

Mullet wigs come in quite a few different styles and hair colors for the different mullet looks available. For the cheesy 80s rock stars, there are the dark spiky wigs and for the white trash there’s oily blonde. The mullet, you see, is appreciated by vastly different groups of people. Millionaires and mountain folk. This makes for a truly versatile and most excellent costume idea. Mullet wigs are inexpensive items that will bring you fun for years to come. They’re practically heirlooms that you’ll want to pass on to the next generation in memory of the style that shaped a generation…of hillbillies.

The mullet is a style that people will never be tired of mocking and putting into costume. Mullet wigs are an easy and cheap way to complete your White Trash costume or Eastern European or Nascar fan…

Jk ;)

Mullet Wig

Mullet Wig

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School Play Costumes

Monday, January 18th, 2010

Great selection of historical school play costumes: Historical Costumes

School plays are usually put on with small budgets and a lot of work. The end result can be a defining moment in a child’s life. School play costumes are an important part of these performances. Since these productions usually are done on shoe string budgets, it’s important to find the right costume at the right price. For bulk orders try emailing to see if you can negotiate a discount. You can easily save yourself some money by making your next school theater production purchase through large quantity orders. A reliable place to find accessories, including parasols wigs and armbands, is a CostumeShop. There are thousands of cheap theater accessories available for purchase to go along with productions of any type. There are Christian theater accessories, period accessories and just about any costume you can think of.

From Halloween Quality Costumes to professional limited addition pieces there are School play costumes for every play. From Bye Bye Birdie to HMS Pinafore there are poodle skirts and admiral’s jackets. For your next costume needs, don’t rent when there are tons of costumes for extremely reasonable prices. If you’re plays rotate over the years, this will be a great way to cut back on costs, as the purchases can be used for years to come. Think of the Value of having your own costume wardrobe. Not to mention the endless possibilities for incorporating the costumes into different original productions.

So for School Play Costumes, check out the Awesome and CHEAP selection. Please.

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