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Clown Wigs

Monday, March 29th, 2010

Clown Wigs

Clowns need clown wigs. True clowns have the real clown style including the puffy hair of various colors. Real clowns keep their closets filled with different styles of wigs to entertain and/or scare children everywhere. Love them or hate them, clowns are instantly recognizable in their characteristic clown wigs. The have to be puffy and colorful, rainbow even on the extreme end. Clown wigs are the type of thing that is really just necessary when you choose the costume type. If you want to be a clown, you must have a clown wig! Clown costumes are fun for many occasions and have been increasing in popularity for Halloween in recent years. Clowns used to be a child’s best friend. Then that crazy serial killer turned up who ended up being a clown for kids at hospitals…nice guy…pretty much ruined the clown’s image among kids of the world.

Clowns though have turned into a new type of scary costume. They’re often viewed as creepy and scary by the youth of today. Poor clowns used to be funny, now they’ve been reduced to being stereotyped as sociopaths. I can’t say that I have never been scared of clowns, but-like I’ve said use it to your advantage! Put some fake blood on that old clown outfit; pick out a brand spankin’ new wig and you’re set to go as Zombie Murderous Clown! Now that is an awesome costume idea. Or you can take the tough route and try to rebuild the image of the clown.

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