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Look Dazzling in a Wig

Friday, November 19th, 2010

Female Wigs

Need some wigs? Why not stock up now and get a great deal on one of our many fabulous costume wigs, they are the perfect costume accessories to any costume, you will add the magical finishing touch to any costume with one of our many cheap wigs, and inexpensive wigs. Whether your looking for a classic wig of your favorite movie star such as Marilyn Monroe, try our stunning Marilyn Monroe Costume Wig, people will think your Marilyn herself with the short curly locks of hair and the famous Blonde hair that said Happy birthday mr. President! Or if your looking for some funny wigs we have those too! everything from mermaid wigs to multi colored wigs we are your number one source for cheap wigs on the net! Say your a blonde, why have some fun with your friends and try and be a brunette for the day or week! your sure to turn heads with one of our brunette wigs like our brunette mullet wigs, your sure to be the talk of the office that day! or say your a brunette, why not be a blonde for the day or a week? Try one of or stunning blonde wigs, we have everything from short curly wigs to long curly wigs. Or say you have long hair why not give your special someone a laugh and show up in one of our short wigs, its all the shock without the actual haircut! We have lots of cheap short wigs for you to choose from try one of our costume wigs today!

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Inexpensive Short Wigs

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

Cheap Short Wigs

Short wigs for Halloween costumes are the type of item that you may forget to add to your costume. Everyone always thinks of the main costume, but the accessories are what will set you apart form the rest. Short wigs are an easy way to be someone else for the night. Whether you need a short blonde wig or a short auburn wig there are wigs that will let you be that fantasy character that you only have one night a year to be. Halloween lets everyone get outside themselves a bit and with an inexpensive short bob wig. There are other styles of short wigs too.

For a more theatrical look there are un natural colored wigs that will make your costume pop. With a hot pink wig or bright purple wig you will be easy to spot and remember. Your out of the box costume will have a unique touch that no one else will have. I mean there will be other people with short wigs on the Halloween, but yours will surely be the brightest and best if you pick a color that no one else will. A purpled haired witch comes to mind as a good idea or pick haired bar maid.

Inexpensive short wigs are an excellent way to set you apart so be sure to take advantage of all the extra looks that will come your way. Get out there and mingle your short haired head off! Your green short wig will get you the attention you deserve!

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Funny Wigs and Weird Wigs

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

Funny Wigs

Funny and weird wigs are great way to show off your personality. From rave blue and naughty blonde pig tails to hillbilly wigs there are funny and weird wigs for you to wear. Halloween is all about having a good time and with a great wig you won’t have to do much other than plop the thing on top of your head and go out for a night on the town. Weird wigs are the type of thing with fiber optic lights woven into the head piece. Or a long blonde wig that drags on the floor. Perfect for any Rapunzel costume. It’s hard to be Rapunzel if you don’t have the long hair! If you don’t everyone will just think that you’re another princess or queen. Not only will the wig be a hit at any event, but it makes your costume super easy to put together. The only other thing that you need for a Rapunzel costume is a dress.

Wigs are my favorite type of costume accessory because of how easy they are to put on, how cheap they are, and how much better they make any costume look. Some wigs are a costume of their own. There is an awesome pumpkin wig that makes anyone wearing it an immediate pumpkin head! With a black dress, the wig looks awesome and is perfect for adults who are a bit past the trick or treating phase of their lives. So, remember, wigs not only are needed for some costumes, but can be costumes on their own as well!

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Short Costume Wigs

Friday, July 9th, 2010

Short Costume Wigs

Short wigs are the sort of thing that if you leave to last minute you’ll have a ton of trouble finding. Yes there are wig stores that supply short wigs, but most people use fake hair to make their locks longer, not shorter. This means that the selection at many a place will be complete crap. Last year, even I found myself searching for a short wig for a Halloween party. Thank God I have a good selection in stock for Halloween costumes because not only did the wig store have not the best selection, but the cheapest short wig was 70 bucks. Now that is not a wig for a costume. It wasn’t even real hair! Anyway, I was able to get what I needed from my OWN store for ten bucks so it all worked out fine. Short wigs that are cheap and look good can be a bit hard to find, so be sure to order yours with plenty of time left for Halloween!

Short wigs are one of those items that is great to purchase online because you’ll save a whole lot of money and you’ll be happy with yourself for planning in advance. No waiting in line with all the kiddies at the temporary costume stores…by the time you get there, nothing will be left anyway. Short wigs are here in every color and style that you could possibly need…even reds and auburns…Ginger is a big color this year so don’t miss out on the trend. Channel your inner red head and have a good time!

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Costume Wigs for Him Her and More

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

Cheap Costume Wigs

When you’re planning a costume, the wig is an important accessory to consider. Often forgotten, the wig can take a lot of time out of getting ready for your next costume. Instead of having to carefully style or dye your hair for a costume all you have to do is pop on a cheap costume wig! Whatever the style of a costume, there are inexpensive costume wigs available to suit your need. Need a Marilyn Monroe? There are tons of them. Need a Jersey Shore Poof…its there for you. Spending a bunch of time on hair for a costume really is a waste, since if Halloween or that next costume party are any fun-you’ll end up with your hair down and toseled.

Wigs don’t need to cost hundreds of dollars. Don’t let the wig salesman fool you into thinking that you need to buy real human hair. For a costume all that you need to worry about is whether it matches your costume…for instance you don’t want to be a blonde Elvira! Spending big bucks on a costume wig is just silly, so don’t do it!

With all the time you’ll save by not doing your hair for your next costume, you have extra time to pre party! Not to mention you won’t be constantly worrying that your heavily hair sprayed locks are falling or that the temporary dye you used is running down your forehead.

Giving nothing to pause over, the costume wig is the perfect choice for a quick costume.

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Short Wigs

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

Short Wigs

Short wigs are often hard to find because everyone wants to make their hair longer! Our short costume wigs come in many styles and colors and will surely fit you costuming needs. Items such as short costume wigs in purple can be needed for groups and they can be hard to come in quantity if you can find them at all. No worries with our many short costumes. There are traditional styled wigs for a simple change of look; these are excellent substitutes for expensive real hair wigs that can run into the thousands of dollars. Others short wigs include bobs and cindy wigs. Colors range from blonde to auburn to green! Red wigs, for those seeking the so now ginger look, are available in quite a few styles.

For those mod costumes, try out a mod bob wig that will look fantastic with a mini dress. The bob wigs and cindy wigs are available in both realistic tones and carnival type neon. Short wigs are needed for all sorts of purposes and for their price are perfect for schools and theater productions. For group musical numbers where you all need to look identical, our costume wigs won’t have Ms. Penny Pincher complaining. Try out a neon green cindy cut for your St. Patrick’s Day party…you won’t get pinched!

Costume short wigs are fun and can even have a little sex appeal…like the sexy auburn wig below. Get your ginger on!

Short Auburn Wig

Short Auburn Wig

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