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Costume Knives and Swords for Pirates and More

Sunday, May 30th, 2010

Costume Knives

Knives and swords are costume accessories that are key to quite a few costumes. They help you give a different quality than you’d otherwise have while in character. How can you be a mean pirate without a saber to rattle in the face of your enemies? Likewise, you can’t be a Roman legionnaire without a roman sword? I mean you can be a Roman legionnaire without a sword, but sounds like a late imperial period soldier, when Rome was loosing against the Norther hoards that would later sack Rome itself. Supposedly though, at the time of the end of the empire, there weren’t any actual Roman citizens in the Roman army-just slaves and mercenaries. So if you don’t have a sword with your Roman costume, your costume would be more accurately described as an ancient slave costume than a Roman legionnaire from the late republican or early imperial ages.

For a pirate or bandit costume, you’re essentially required to carry a prop sword or prop dagger. Many costume sets do come with weapons, but the weapons they come with are insufficient if you’re trying to look like a professional. Or at least trying to look like you did something other than grab the first costume off of the rack that fit your needs. Costumes look best when they have personal touches added to them. Without these flourishes of creativity, a costume is just a garment reproduced by the thousands. You don’t want to look like everyone else, do you?

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Costume Machete and Props

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Prop Machete

If you really want to scare some kids hat come to your house on Halloween try out a prop weapon. Better than the over done prop gun, is the prop machete. Nothing is more scary than a huge bloody knife. Wielded by an adult who may have had too much “witch’s brew”…That a recipe for some craziness. Scare the living crap out of your annoying little nieces, and get on your brother’s nerves, by jumping out at them with a huge prop machete or costume axe. Not only are these prop weapons great for Halloween, but they also work well for theatrical productions where you need realistic looking weapons props.

Prop weapons add a lot to a costume. Namely adding an extra level of scariness. Weapons are always great for a good scare and that’s usually the point of halloween. I remeber I save a plastic axe from Halloween for about 15 years after I used it. It just too great a scare to be forgotten. I used in High School later on a homecoming float that had a scary Halloween theme. Halloween Costumes need to be scary and by adding a costume weapon you are making sure you’ll give al the kiddies a good scare.

So if you truly want a great scary Halloween costume, you need to get a scary weapon. Try some red paint on it or costume blood for some extra reality. That way the kids will know that you mean business. Trick or Treat! Trick in your case…

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