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SS Officer’s Hat, French Beret and More

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

SS Officer Hat

If you want to wear a costume that most would consider so evil that even the sight of it is relatively distasteful. Nazi costumes are pretty much the most evil costume that you could possibly wear. Think about it. No one in recent times has been as cruel as the Nazi regime. Halloween is supposed to be scary and provocative; I would venture a guess that most would consider a Nazi costume to be one of the most provocative costumes available. Not in the sexy use of provocative either. More like provoking rage and disgust. But the costume can be very creepy. Maybe it’s because I just watched Inglourious Basterds (yes that is how the title is actually spelled…), but I hate the Nazi sons of dogs. See how I refrained from swearing there. I’m just so clever. Maybe not…

Anyway the Nazi costume hats in stock aren’t swastika adorned in any way. They contain the crest of Hitler’s Germany and they are in officer’s gray so you won’t immediately look like a complete white prison gang member. They’re a little more subtle than that. They require some knowledge of history to appreciate really. There are other military and civil servant caps available, but none is as attention grabbing and dark as the SS officers hat. You really may scare some older folk who remember the war, so I would watch out who you wear it around. Just do me a favor and be somewhat sensitive about wearing such a controversial costume. I don’t want a repeat of last year’s illegal alien mask fiasco. Sheesh.

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