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Special Monday Costume Sale

Sunday, June 6th, 2010

10% Off Costume Sale

Costumes aren’t the sort of thing that people want to spend their whole paycheck on. That’s why you should try using CostumeShop coupon codes to save some cash. Mondays are usually a person’s least favorite day. The day you have to go back to work. The day that you wish you hadn’t had a bottle and a half of wine the night before. There are many reasons to dislike the start of the regular work week. CostumeShop is trying to be ray of sunshine on your gloomy day. Use coupon code “monday” at checkout for 10% off any item. The costumeshop coupon code is good until July 6th 2010 so you can save it for use on an usually bad day. It works any day, so you don’t have to just save on your worst and busiest day.

Just try to keep positive and your day will be better. Think about the fun you’ll have in your awesome, and inexpensive, Halloween costume!

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Costumes should be Cheap and Awesome

Saturday, May 15th, 2010

Best Costume Shop on the planet

Costumes can be a hard thing to decide upon. You have a load of things to take into consideration before you’re able to feel comfortable in your character. Let’s face it. Most people don’t have to put on a costume and act the part very often. Halloween is probably the only time of year that many adults really put on something fanciful and have to use their ham bone a bit. That means act by the way. Anyway, to pick out the right costume for the occasion you need to have an incredible selection to choose from. CostumeShop carries thousands of items that are bound to be perfect for your use. Now you probably don’t want to wear some of sexier items to the office Halloween party, but many of our sexy costumes are great for attracting some attention after you leave your co-workers behind. I suppose if you want to impress the boss in ways that can’t be quantified by human resources you could wear a extra short witch costume to the office, but you don’t want the jealous receptionist reporting you! Chances are you’ll be fine, so we encourage you to go ahead with showing off the goods around the cubicles.

Costumes are all about making already fun situations that much more enjoyable. A party is always sweet, but a costume party let’s you get outside yourself a bit and into any character that suits your fancy. Add some adult beverages to the mix and you’ll forget that you aren’t Superwoman. Or Superman…

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Sexy Baseball Player Costumes

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

Sexy Baseball Player Costumes

If you want to look sexy and supportive at the field consider wear a super sexy baseball player costume to the next game. You’ll be the hottest single mom at the little league field or a highly inappropriate grade school teacher cheering on her favorite students…Whatever the reason, you’ll look darn sexy wear a short baseball player outfit. Available in a few different styles, you can a different ones when routing for different teams. One for the Little League field, one for the pros. You’ll be able to snag more than just some foul balls with a sexy baseball uniform…Every eye will be on you, you may be removed from the game for distracting the players!

Sexy Baseball Player uniforms don’t have to be just for attracting attention from the man folk, they make great Halloween costumes as well. For a light hearted costume that will show your love of the national pastime, Baseball player uniforms are the choice for you. The skirts are short so whether you like it or not you’ll be showing off those awesome legs. If you want to cover up add some fishnets and some costume makeup-you’ll be a zombie/corpse baseball player. Pretty creepy. Maybe add a baseball bat covered in costume blood for a cool prop. Halloween is about being scary and-often-sexy, the zombie baseball player will be your means to that end.

Get out there and be the sexy baseball player that everyone is cheering for. Makes a hot uniform for teams too.


Sexy Baseball Player Costume

Sexy Baseball Player Costume

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Free Shipping Costumes

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

Free Shipping Costumes

Just a reminder that every order over $75 qualifies for free shipping. At checkout, if your oder totals over $75 you’ll automatically receive free shipping. What a great deal! CostumeShop is committed to making sure that its customers-we prefer to refer to them as friends- save as much cash as possible when shopping for costumes. After all, we understand how tough it is out there. Wow, that was pretty sappy, but by making your costume purchases online as opposed to an over priced seasonal store you most probably save a decent amount of money. By simply making a purchase over 75 bucks you’ll get a costume without shipping costs. All of our returning customers are offered exclusive coupons throughout the year so the savings can continue. Heck, friend us on Facebook and I’ll send you a costume coupon for an extra 15% off your next purchase of any size. Our name is easy. Costume Shop. So go out there and join our network of thrifty friends.

Friends don’t let friends spend too much on costumes. So, just accept our extended hand of friendship and you’ll be in on the costume savings too. We welcome everyone, even those who haven’t yet made a fine purchase from our well stocked store, to flock to Facebook and become a friend of Costume Shop. First Name: Costume. Last Name: Shop. So sweet. Was surprised it was still available, really. Guess we lucked out. Or they were saving it for us! Can you believe it? Facebook reserved the name Costume Shop for yours truly….Man, my delusions of grandeur are off the chart today!

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Arab and Egyptian Costumes

Monday, April 19th, 2010

Arab Costumes

So you want to look like a big shot, huh? A really powerful a rich guy. With a gold plated Ferrari Limo? Well, the only costume fitting for a guy with a gold plated Ferrari is an Arab Sheik Costume. Or for those who want to be the guy with the golden chariot, there is the Pharaoh costume for you. Looking powerful is a hard thing to do. Play on people’s stereotypes of Arab Sheiks and dress up like a Bedouin king. Maybe rent an expensive car to go along with the outfit. Pull up to the local hookah bar and no one will question you. Everyone will be asking who the rich arab guy is! If you want something a bit better for Halloween. Something a bit scary. Try out a classic Mummy costume! You can be the dead Pharaoh!

Mummy costumes are an old Halloween standby that actually haven’t been as popular in recent years as they once were. Our Mummey costumes are realistic and come in a professional quality and a Halloween quality depending on your individual need. Mummy costumes are easy to put on, basically a jumpsuit with antiqued gauze on the outside. You’ll be dressed up in a matter of minutes with no makeup needed. Unless, of course, you like wearing makeup. Then slather the stuff on. Black around the eyes gives a good dead look to any costume-especially the mummy.

So whether you want to be a modern day Egyptian sheik or a long dead Mummy, there are great Arab costumes for you!

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24 Costume…Jack Bauer Costume

Friday, March 26th, 2010

Jack Bauer Costume

Fox’s 24 is a series that leaves it’s fans calling one another during commercials. It’s the type of show that has viewers sitting on the edges of their seats. The show’s star character, played by Kiefer Sutherland, is Jack Bauer. Friend of the President of the United States; enemy of terrorists and threats to America worldwide. Jack is constantly saving America from imminent destruction. Whether it is an African dictator bent on keeping his domestic hold on power, a private defense contrator, or Arab terrorists with nuclear weapons-Jack Bauer is almost single handedly keeping this country safe for good, God-fearing Americans. Without Jack, at least in the series, America probably wouldn’t be here.

Working with the Government agency CTU, Jack Bauer and his allies have the use of the most advanced surveillance technology in the world. Using such devices as remote controlled drones that apparently cruise throughout the United States spying on all of us, Jack is able to have the upper hand in all of his interactions with hostile individuals. For a Halloween costume, Jack Bauer is an easy one. You might want to invest 10 buck extra in a blonde wig to add a touch extra reality to your outfit-that is if your like me, a brunette. I mean you could go without, but Kiefer Sutherland-for sure-has blonde hair. You could pass for an FBI agent without though.

If you’re looking for a twist on a law enforcement costume try a Jack Bauer outfit. Jack Bauer Costumes are easy and cheap too. :)

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