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Time for Sexy Christmas Costumes and Lingerie

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

Christmas and Holiday Lingerie

Yes its almost that time of year! Need some Costume ideas for Christmas!? time to look your best for all the Office Christmas parties and Holiday gathering, what a great time of your to dress up as Santa in one of our santa costumes. you will be sure to be the biggest hit of the bash with one of our many Christmas Costumes, W have everything you need from exotic costumes, Christmas Lingerie, Holiday Costumes, and Santa Costumes. We have so many holiday costumes that will sure to satisfy all your christmas Costumes needs. Take for example our wide range of Santa Costumes, like our sexy mrs claus Costume, or sexy ms clause costume, or how about spicing things up with a sexy santa costume. You will be sure to put a smile on your special someones face when you show up to your next holiday party wearing one of our Holiday lingerie items. We have sexy elf costumes that will be sure to make anybody be nice this holiday season! or how about one of our sexy christmas costumes, they are sure to be a hit if your looking for christmas lingerie, then you have come to the right place. we have all kinds of sexy christmas costumes and sexy christmas Lingerie you will be amazed on how many compliments you get in one of our sexy Mrs.Clause Costume, or Sexy MS. Claus costumes. Or if you want to surprise the grand Kids this year for christmas and make it one of the best holiday seasons yet! Have grandpa dress up as santa for a memorable Christmas!

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Halloween Lingerie is a Costume everyone will remember!

Monday, September 20th, 2010

Halloween Costume Lingerie

Lingerie is something that you may only think of wearing in the comfort and privacy of your bedroom. Halloween is the one night where this rule need not apply. Looking risque and sexy for Halloween is certainly a trend that has been going strong for many years now. To kick it up a notch its no longer enough to just wear a cute short skirt witch costume, it is now the standard to pair lingerie with costume accessories to create your own unique and exotic costume. The theme doesn’t matter as much as the garments themselves. Now, I’m not suggesting that you wear a g string out on a chilly Halloween night, but I am suggesting that you match some sexy lingerie peices, like a cami top or a partially exposed bra to take your costume to a level of sexiness that will have you feeling sultry even in the brisk fall weather.

If you’re in California like me you know that Halloween can actually turn out to a warm night, so don’t be afraid to create a costume that is all lingerie. A corset or bustier with leggings and garters and a leg avenue mini top hat can create a sort of burlesque performer outfit that is super trendy right now. Vintage is big, obviously. Vintage lingerie choices are excellent for Halloween. Be a sexy zombie or ghost, just make sure that your lingerie is period so that everyone knows the look you’re going for. You don’t want to just show up in a monokini and pale makeup! Or maybe you do, still would be sexy…


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Costume Lingerie Sexy Lingerie

Friday, April 16th, 2010


Every once in a while you are invited to a Lingerie Party. I don’t mean a party with a bunch of strippers dressed in lingerie, I mean a party where the guest dress up in lingerie. A Costume lingerie party. It’s hard to know what to wear to one of these events. You want to participate and look sexy. You don’t want to wear something that is too revealing nor something that is old and dirty-yuck! Try pickign out a set of sexy and inexpensive costume lingerie. Costume lingerie is basically the same stuff you would find in an exotic lingerie store, but less expensive and not embarrassing to purchase. Don’t think there are only a few styles to choose from, either. There are hundreds and hundreds of different constructions and styles to select from. Sexy lingerie has never been so accessible! From lingerie sets to bustiers and corsets there are tons of beautiful exotic pieces that will have you looking and feeling sexy for the next lingerie party.

Lingerie Parties can be pretty intimidating. With costume lingerie you have hundreds of options in sizes up to 3xl for looking hot at the big event. At the recent International Lingerie Show and Las Vegas Costume Convention, there were lots of sexy lingerie costumes that we chose specifically for lingerie party events. If you haven’t been invited to one recently, throw one yourself. You’ll be the talk of the neighborhood. Looking sexier than your neighbors is easier than ever. Lace up a corset and go paddle some butts!

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Sexy Christmas Mrs. Claus

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

Sexy Mrs. Claus Costume

Who doesn’t love a sexy Mrs. Claus for Christmas? Buy this for yourself or for your wife/girlfriend and you won’t be disappointed. Why not bring some fun into your Christmas Eve?

Santa needs some fun too!!

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