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Great Haunted House Props

Monday, June 21st, 2010

Haunted House Props

Thinking of having a haunted house this Halloween? The thought crosses the mind of many come the fall season. I know Summer just began on Sunday, but the fall is approaching and if you’re planning on having a quality haunted house, you need to start thinking of what you’re going to decorate with. You can do it quite a few different ways. From professional quality to cheapo. For the home haunted house, unless you’re with deep pockets, should be done simply with lots of loud noises and dark rooms with poeple jumping out. Turn done the light and cover everything in black. The kiddies tend to be pretty easy to scare. Even today with all the violence in entertainment, little kids will run screaming at the act of an adult jumping out at them in a scary costume. Chainsaws always add some fun to the mix too.

If you’re thinking something more extravagant then I suggest using some of the excellent professional quality haunted house props. There are all the classics: corpses, moving paintings, giant spider puppets…Really anything that you need to make a haunted house super scary and very impressive. Many people make part of their annual income on Haunted Houses; if you want to really pack the trick or treaters into you haunted house, realistic props are a must have. Haunted houses attendance builds mostly on word of mouth, so you want to be known as having the scariest and most well dressed sets. Try out some props, they’ll get your visitors screaming your address to their friends!

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