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Belly Dancer Costumes and Egyptian Costumes

Sunday, September 19th, 2010

Belly Dancer Costumes

The harem culture is an ancient culture from Egypt. become part of this ancient culture with our Harem costume. It is one of the best and sexiest costumes, putting men into a trance with to its flowing sheer fabric and beautiful colors. Also a great choice is our Cleopatra costume, with beautiful white gown and gold accents will make you feel like a queen and perhaps you will fine your prince on Halloween! We have many egyptian costumes for halloween, great for a halloween party, sexy costumes for women, and a variety of halloween costumes. Many middle eastern costumes like this are available in our harem costume line such as the belly dancer costume where you can live your fantasy of being a belly dancer, entertaining everyone with your hypnotizing dance. the beautiful belly dancer costume comes with Fringe, Pants, Veil, Overskirt and Head Ties with attached Scarf for an extra authentic belly dancer look. If your feeling ghostly try our womens mummy costume. You will be the talk of the party with this great mummy costume or our gothic mummy costume. Another Egyptian costume is our i dream of jeannie costume. Maybe you wanna look like barbara eden in her prime check out our I dream of jeannie costume, and for a cute couples idea have your husband dress like her Astronaut Master. Grant him his wish of a sexy harem wife, i not just for one sexy halloween night! from Harem costumes, cleopatra, i dream of genie costume, we have all you middle eastern costumes.

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Go Go Boots and Costume Shoes

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

Costume Go Go Boots

Boots are a hot item. They look great with costumes and you can wear them for long after you wear them with your costume. Go Go boots are a fantastic example. They’re a piece of clothing that should be in everyone’s closet already so if you don’t have a pair, you’re missing out. For a Go Go Dancer costume it’s pretty hard to have a good costume without Go Go boots, anyway. So if you’re planning on doing a 60s costume that’s not a hippie, getting the shoes right is a good idea. If you do go the hippie route, just walk around barefoot for a few days before Halloween to build up the soles of your feet and get them nice and dirty. You’ll save some dough and have a great costume! If you’re more like me, however, you’ll probably want to pick up a good pair of costume shoes to complete your costume.

Halloween costumes are something that you only get to wear once a year, so make this costume count. Get a pair of go go boots to make your costume the best it can be. Everyone notices a good costume, so by putting in that small amount of thought, you’re making sure that you can make some new friends! Go out and mingle in your new and quite exotic go go boots. Available in tons of different styles there are go go boots that go with any style of costume. Now all that’s left is to Go Go out there and party!

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Mini Top Hats

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

Mini Top Hats

If you’re looking for a cute costume accessory, I have a great one for you. Mini top hats to put in your hair. They are fantastic add ons to a number of different costumes and solve the problem of what to do with your hair this Halloween. Mini top hats have a cool burlesque or can-can girl style that can work with a ton of different costumes. Fun for a night wear accessory too after your done with it this Halloween. Matched to a skirted outfit with pale costume makeup, mini top hats are a great addition! Some come with veils for a more goth with look.

Instead of a costume wig or a temporary dye job this Halloween consider a costume accessory for your hair that will have everyone making comments on how cute you look. The way the clip on top hats sit to the side of the head is cartoonish in a way, very good for the light hearted holiday of Halloween. Mini top hats work for pets too. They’re just the right size to put on your dog’s head for a dog costume, too! You’ll have pictures on facebook of the pooch in a matter of minutes. Everyone will be so jealous of your so handsome doggy. Anyway, whether you put a mini top hat on yourself or on your dog it looks adorable! Mini top hats come in a few different colors to match a number of costumes and come in glitter for a more theatrical uses!

Mini Top Hat

Mini Top Hat

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Halloween Holograph Decorations

Monday, August 16th, 2010

Halloween Holograph Pictures

Finding unique items for Halloween decorating can sometimes be frustrating. You don’t want just pumpkins and fake spider web everywhere. To have a more custom and unique look you need to find items that not everyone will think of having. If you want a realistic Haunted House, if there is such a thing, think items like holograph photos that look antique and normal at first glance, but quickly pop out to reveal something creepy. Haunted Houses can be tricky, you don’t want to take away focus from the big scares, but you want to dress a place up enough to make it look like an authentic old scary house. The haunted house that sticks in the minds of most is the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland. This masterpiece of Haunted Houses is truly the template that all haunted houses should follow. Yes, there are scarier haunted houses out there, but the Haunted Mansion is the best appointed haunted house in the country. Bar none.

To create that old and dusty feel in your house try not dusting for a week and burning some incense in the house. Combined with the spider webs, dim lights and well placed props, your haunted house will be able to compete with the best of them. It’s all about the little touches, though. So remember to adorn the walls with appropriate props like Halloween holograph decorations. The Halloween costumes of the kids going through the house will be nothing compared the well planned space you’ve created!

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Costume Teeth and Fangs

Friday, August 13th, 2010

Costume Teeth

Vampires are always a very popular costume. In years past most vampire costumes where along the lines of character specific Count Dracula costumes. These costumes are all based on the Bela Lugosi character from the classic Dracula film. These days Vampires are a much more diverse group. They no longer wear capes and medallions. In fact, they dress in modern designer duds and drive pretty sweet cars. So just go to a mice department store and make some chic purchases in blacks and greys. Then just add a pair of costume vampire fangs and you’re set to go. You’ll be a modern vampire in no time at all. Costume accessories can turn normal clothing into an instant costume. If you want to really add a touch of the new Twilight movies, in addition to your costume vampire teeth try just a dab of glitter gel for your skin. Then when you enter the light you’ll have the creepy sparkly glow of vampires. Slow down on the tanning this summer, too. You want to be nice and pale for Halloween!

Halloween wouldn’t be the same without some vampires. It’s kind of nice that there is a little more diversity in the undead costumes, because prior most people had a pretty stagnant portrait of what a Vampire looked like. He no longer has to be so old and monster like. The old stereotypes are finally being lifted. Let there be an end to the mischaracterization of Vampires as all Eastern European psychos!

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So Many Parasols

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010


The parasol is a throwback to another, more gentle, time when ladies strolled the parks shading themselves with lace parasols and possibly cooling themselves with oriental fans. Like in a Renoir, you should carry a parasol to every event. Maybe it’s a little eccentric, but maybe you’ll bring them back in style. They have been around for hundreds of years, so they’re bound for a comeback eventually. Maybe not, but for period Halloween costumes and decorating parasols are a nice touch that adds authenticity. They’re cheap too. Most cost under ten bucks. Pretty good deal if I do say so myself. Parasols come in the traditional lace or in modern colored shades of polyester. Whatever color you need to match the costume or decor, there is a parasol to match. From primaries to pink, you’ll be happy.

Parasols are great for groups, too. The Pageant of the Masters in Laguna Beach is an event where groups re-enact the scenes of Master works of art. Parasols will be needed if you want to do a similar event with that Renoir. Actually, in some earlier figurative Monet works, parasols are also featured. So too, in the most famous Seraut painting. Point is that parasols make for a classy and historically accurate costume. Dance groups, especially tap groups, parasols are a great old fashioned prop for a visual at your next performance. Aw, the parasol. Someday its time will come again and all the ladies will be seen strolling the parks with one over their heads.

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Elephant Costumes for Kids and Adults

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

Elephant Costume

The elephant never forgets; the elephant costume is a costume no one will forget. Whether you’re drawn to the cuteness of the large animal or you’re using elephant costumes are props at a Republican event, the elephant makes a fantastic and old fashioned costume that makes an impression. How could a costume with such big ears not be memorable? There are elephant costume for children that will have all the relatives making over your kid and making the neighbors green with envy over how much cuter your kid is than their own! Now that is a good costume. Anything that makes the friends jealous! Maybe not, but your child will look absolutely adorable in an elephant costume. Your kid doesn’t have to be the only elephant in the room, though…You, too, can feel the adoring stares of friends and family. Maybe they won’t think it’s as cute on you as on your child, but the costume is still a good one.

Elections are drawing near and while I try to steer clear of talking about politics due to my extreme fringe views-just kidding :)-I do think that the elephant costumes are an excellent choice for proud Republicans. Especially since Halloween is just days before the big November election. Let the neighborhood know where your loyalties lie. Not that the NRA and Fire Pelosi bumper stickers didn’t give it away already-again just trying to be light hearted folks I’ll do the Democrats tomorrow. Jeez talking about politics is dicey. I’m actually having to think twice about what I say to not offend. I don’t even understand politics for peet’s sake! Elephant costumes are so darn cute though…

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Bumble Bee and Lady Bug Costumes

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

Sexy Bumble Bee Costume

Looking cute and looking good on Halloween or at a costume event don’t have to be mutually exclusive. There are many costumes available that meet the needs of those who don’t just want to look cute, but sexy too. If you’re going to go out there and mingle, you want to look good doing it. Dressing up as a Bumblebee or Lady Bug is very cute and very feminine. When you want to attract a special someone consider some of the shorter cut skirts that go with these costumes. Not that you need to dress sexy to attract a mate, but it’s Halloween and you should relax and enjoy yourself. Pour yourself a party drink in a red cup and buzz around the party in your bee costume.

LadyBugs are, of course, cute too. The red and black is very catchy to the eye, so why not add to that with a short cut or a v neck. Go ahead, it’s only Halloween once a year. If you don’t like ladybugs or bumblebees, which may make you a weirdo btw (jk), there are other cute and sexy bug and animal costumes that you can choose from. There is a particularly popular Cougar costume that is a cougar print body suit with ears. Be the cougar on the the prowl on the outside that you are on the inside. Sexy costumes and Halloween go hand in hand. Jump on board the fun wagon and join the fast crowd…if just for one night.

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Hellboy Costumes for Halloween

Sunday, August 1st, 2010

Hellboy Costumes

Hellboy is pretty much a bad ass. I mean he was brought to Earth by members of the N*zi occult. Or so says Wikipedia. To tell you the truth I’ve only recently gotten into Hellboy, but the character is absolutely fantastic. He fights evil around the world with his extra-governmental organization. He is red and demon like, but is a friend of good. He is the type of character that lends itself to be a great costume. Followers of the comic should take an interest in taking to the Halloween in a Hellboy getup. You don’t have to go all out. Just a trench coat, red face makeup and one of costume hellboy hands and you’ll be set to go. Ten minutes set up tops. There are full body Hellboy costumes available, too. For those of you who want to splurge a bit. They’re actually inexpensive costumes, but these days I hear many parents are putting a ten dollar limit on what they’re kids can spend.

Anyway, Hellboy has been pretty popular since he debuted in the early nineties, the character appearing in a number of moives. He makes an excellent costume to Comic Con or a fun one for Halloween. Great idea for a tough Kid’s Halloween costume. Hellboy costumes are here for your enjoyment now, so get out there and raise some…heck! I attempt to keep this blog pg-13 max, so I decided that the character name was corrupt enough. Let loose the red demon inside of you!

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Sexy School Girl Costume

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

Sexy School Girl Costume

Every year there are some costumes that just keep on coming back. This isn’t to say they aren’t great. They reappear every year because they’re so frinkin awesome. The sexy school girl costume is certainly one of these costumes. Every year many a lady, and a few daring and probably drunk gentlemen, don sexy school girl costumes on Halloween. The sexy school girl has gone far beyond fantasy and to a place of importance in American pop culture. The popularity of the school girl costume peaked a few years back when Britney Spears featured the outfit in her Baby One More Time video. After that came out every girl over the age of about ten dressed as a school girl. Good thing we carry a large quantity of school girl costumes. You don’t have to be the Britney Spears type school girl either. There are other much more preppy costumes that are better suited for a more realistic look.

Since the school girl costumes are so popular, try to accessorize and do your makeup a bit differently so that you stand out in the crowd. You don’t want to be a carbon copy of everyone else. Not that everyone is going to be wearing a catholic school girl costume, but there are bound to be some and you don’t want it to look like you all go tot he same school and wore your uniforms for Halloween! That would be completely lame. So, be sure to add your personal touches to a school girl costume.

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