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Fun Trick Gum

Saturday, March 27th, 2010

Trick Gum

Trick gum is a gag classic that everyone still gets a kick out of. Actually, trick gun is such an old gag-that people play along just to see the effects. Kids especially love trick gum because it such an accessible gag. Start at under one dollar each, trick gum is the type of gag that you’ll be able to use on all of your groups of friends. If someone does fall for it, though, be on the look out for some flying fists! No one accidently wants their mouth filled with dye! The dye, it should be noted, is non toxic-just to put any fears at bay. Gags are loved by kids and old folks alike; everyone can get some enjoyment in their use.

For some old fashionable dry humor, try out a gag like a pack of trick gum- it’ll be the talk of the playground (or HR meeting…) in no time at all!

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