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Costume Glasses Gag Glasses

Sunday, April 11th, 2010

Costume Glasses

Gag glasses have been around for decades. The first spring googly eye glasses hit the market almost one hundred years ago. Amazing that a product can have that much life! For almost a century the incredible humor of the gag eye glass has been in existence. For that long, people have realized the intense comedy potential of prop glasses. Whether they be in thick black rims or spring eyes that pop out as in every good ole cartoon, they are hillarious. Don’t let anyone tell you their humor is too dry! They are the epitome of cleverness and old fashioned knee slapping fun!

Comic glasses are limited to the thick rimmed and pop out eyes, also available are the classic Elvis glasses, complete with side burns! These are perfect for an easy costume, simply put ‘em on yer face and you have a costume, mister. Amazing. Need I mention, also, that these prop glasses are inexpensive? No, I know the readers of this blog know I only recommend items of value! Costume and prop gag glasses start at only a few bucks. Such a deal! We must be go broke…Get them while they last folks, something this good can’t last-oh no it can’t…

Costume glasses are here for you now. You know you want them. You can’t resist…they’re on your face in you mind now…Everyone is laughing with you on your excellent choice of eyewear!

Back to reality…costume gag glasses are fun and make for a cheap and easy costume. So save some dough and use a pair for a costume!

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Fun Trick Gum

Saturday, March 27th, 2010

Trick Gum

Trick gum is a gag classic that everyone still gets a kick out of. Actually, trick gun is such an old gag-that people play along just to see the effects. Kids especially love trick gum because it such an accessible gag. Start at under one dollar each, trick gum is the type of gag that you’ll be able to use on all of your groups of friends. If someone does fall for it, though, be on the look out for some flying fists! No one accidently wants their mouth filled with dye! The dye, it should be noted, is non toxic-just to put any fears at bay. Gags are loved by kids and old folks alike; everyone can get some enjoyment in their use.

For some old fashionable dry humor, try out a gag like a pack of trick gum- it’ll be the talk of the playground (or HR meeting…) in no time at all!

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Amazing Inexpensive Magic Escape Tricks

Sunday, March 14th, 2010

Magic Escape Tricks
As a budding magician, using magic escape tricks has really helped up my game. I want to specialize in escape magic and I have found these products to be of a quality necessary to give a lasting performance. I especially like the siberian chain escape trick. The chains have a sturdy feel and heavy build, adding to the necessary authenticity I am looking for in my magic performances. I also like the styling of the siberian chain escape cuffs and chain links. They have an edgy and “dark” feel that adds to the mood of my magic performance. The instructions were clear and concise. I was able to figure out and replicate the trick quickly with the instructions given. The handcuffs are also great for the real feel required for escape magic. In the past, I’ve come across hand cuffs that have had a plastic and hollow feel. These handcuffs have the weight and sturdiness that I need to really sell an escape trick to my audiences. It also helps me get into character better with the added resistance. I recently purchased the strait jacket and I love it. The heavy stitching and weathered appearance give off that sinister vibe, rather than looking like a cheap costume gag. I found it easy to use and easy for my magic assistant to lock me into place with. I highly recommend to any budding escape magician to complete the set with the ankle escapes. Again, the look is great and really goes with everything else I purchased. It really completes the escape set.

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Funny Props and Gags

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

Funny gags and props: Funny Props

Props and gags are great for unscripted comedy and school plays. There are tons of gags from the classic arrow through the head to the ice cube with a fly in it. They are cheap and good for a dry laugh. British subjects especially love our slapstick gags. There are thousands of hilarious props and gags to choose from. For a quick costume a lot of our gags and props will work. At at prices starting at one 1 dollar, you can pick tons of stuff and never go over budget. It’s practically as good as going to the 99 cent store. Not that I’m recommending that as they’ll only have some broken googly eye glasses labled as Barbies…not to mention the lead poisoning, but I digress…

Gags and props are must haves for school theater and other amateur productions. Ours are particularly funny and inexpensive. Gags are great for kids too. Fantastic small gifts for any age group, gags are a gift that allows a child to get some attention and socialize with other children. Kids love gags because they get to show off to their friends.

Cheap props and gags are great for amateur comedians as well. Who doesn’t love some good prop comedy? For the little Bobby Hills (King of the Hill reference) out there, props are a necessity. Anyone who loves slapstick basically needs to start a collection of fabulously funny gags and props. The memories will last a lifetime.

Get out there and be funny! Do it for CostumeShop.

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