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Halloween is Almost here and you Need a Costume!

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Movie Costumes

Halloween is almost here and i bet you need a costume! Well you have come to the right place, we have all the great costume ideas that are sure to make this halloween the best ever! Wether you want a cheap halloween costume or a great t.v or movie costumes we have so many to choose from for halloween. When you think of costumes you think of halloween and when you think of halloween you think of fun so what better way to have some fun on halloween then to dress up like your favorite avatar character. We have all the avatar costumes you could want that look so real you will be transported to the land of pandora and help save the nave from the evil corporation wanting mine their planet for precious minerals. Want another movie or T.V costume? why not try one of our Gilligans Island Costumes, you will be sure to do your best helping gilligan, the Skipper, Marriane, and the millionaire and his wife too! Think of how much fun you will be having and all the adventures you can go on as Gilligan! or how about being transported into T.V land as I dream of Jeannie think of all the wishes you can grant as a sexy Jeannie! you be sure to have tons of fun on Halloween in one of our many I dream of Jeannie Costumes! We have so many great movie and T.V costumes for halloween that you can choose from, we also have fast shipping halloween costumes!

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Halloween Lingerie is a Costume everyone will remember!

Monday, September 20th, 2010

Halloween Costume Lingerie

Lingerie is something that you may only think of wearing in the comfort and privacy of your bedroom. Halloween is the one night where this rule need not apply. Looking risque and sexy for Halloween is certainly a trend that has been going strong for many years now. To kick it up a notch its no longer enough to just wear a cute short skirt witch costume, it is now the standard to pair lingerie with costume accessories to create your own unique and exotic costume. The theme doesn’t matter as much as the garments themselves. Now, I’m not suggesting that you wear a g string out on a chilly Halloween night, but I am suggesting that you match some sexy lingerie peices, like a cami top or a partially exposed bra to take your costume to a level of sexiness that will have you feeling sultry even in the brisk fall weather.

If you’re in California like me you know that Halloween can actually turn out to a warm night, so don’t be afraid to create a costume that is all lingerie. A corset or bustier with leggings and garters and a leg avenue mini top hat can create a sort of burlesque performer outfit that is super trendy right now. Vintage is big, obviously. Vintage lingerie choices are excellent for Halloween. Be a sexy zombie or ghost, just make sure that your lingerie is period so that everyone knows the look you’re going for. You don’t want to just show up in a monokini and pale makeup! Or maybe you do, still would be sexy…


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Prop Daggers

Sunday, August 8th, 2010

Prop Dagger

Some costumes, most costumes, go better with some props. They add depth to the character that you’re trying to create with your costume. What would a pirate be without a weapon? Not a very threatening pirate I’ll say that much. Adding a costume dagger to a costume is something that turns a boring costume into one that is awesome, or maybe more historically correct. For plays and other productions, prop daggers with jewels are great as they shine in the stage lights. Costume weapons are inexpensive, so you have no excuse not to wear one with your costume-should your character call for such a weapon. Costume daggers come in a ton of styles to match various costume types.

From short samurai swords to creepy skulled daggers there are choices that will look perfect with your costume. Some of the daggers are cool enough that they make pretty neat toys for not too young kids. I say that because I wouldn’t want you giving costume weapons to too small a child. Just seems wrong on some level. On subject, costume daggers for serial killer costumes and daggers for more fanciful costumes are available now for your Halloween costume. Make this Halloween the one where you get into an impressive costume. Don’t go year after year with poorly accessorized costumes. You might as well not try at all if you’re going to put together a lame dagger-less costume! Jeeez. This Halloween make an effort to scare the Trick or Treaters with a fake knife instead of the one out the kitchen. You can get arrested for using the rubber one…


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Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Supplies

Friday, August 6th, 2010

Big Ribbon Cutting Scissors

A big opening is a great way to grab some attention for whatever you are trying to promote. The classic ribbon cutting ceremony still has a place in many a person’s mind. They know that if you’re spending big on the ceremony, that whatever it is bring attention to is a big deal. It’s kind of campy and fun, too. For your big haunted house this Halloween consider opening with a bang and a opening ceremony. Possibly at midnight. Possibly with the ribbon cutter dressed up as the Mayor from Nightmare before Christmas. Sounds pretty awesome to me; and I know awesome. Ribbon cutting is all about putting on a show for the folks. To properly introduce any new project it’s advisable to use some flare so as to grab everyone’s attention.

Halloween isn’t the same without haunted houses, make sure everyone in the area knows where yours is at. Do a little press release to the local media and dress all the participants up in Halloween costumes for the ribbon cutting ceremony at the big open house. It will work. Haunted Houses aren’t the only place to use a pair of giant ribbon cutting scissors, though. Use them at all of your events. Perfect for new stores, apartments and other groundbreaking projects that need a little bit more attention than they’re currently getting. Draw a crowd and make your speech or toast and then cut the ribbon with some pizazz.

Giant Ribbon Cutting Scissors

Big Ribbon Cutting Scissors

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Elephant Costumes for Kids and Adults

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

Elephant Costume

The elephant never forgets; the elephant costume is a costume no one will forget. Whether you’re drawn to the cuteness of the large animal or you’re using elephant costumes are props at a Republican event, the elephant makes a fantastic and old fashioned costume that makes an impression. How could a costume with such big ears not be memorable? There are elephant costume for children that will have all the relatives making over your kid and making the neighbors green with envy over how much cuter your kid is than their own! Now that is a good costume. Anything that makes the friends jealous! Maybe not, but your child will look absolutely adorable in an elephant costume. Your kid doesn’t have to be the only elephant in the room, though…You, too, can feel the adoring stares of friends and family. Maybe they won’t think it’s as cute on you as on your child, but the costume is still a good one.

Elections are drawing near and while I try to steer clear of talking about politics due to my extreme fringe views-just kidding :) -I do think that the elephant costumes are an excellent choice for proud Republicans. Especially since Halloween is just days before the big November election. Let the neighborhood know where your loyalties lie. Not that the NRA and Fire Pelosi bumper stickers didn’t give it away already-again just trying to be light hearted folks I’ll do the Democrats tomorrow. Jeez talking about politics is dicey. I’m actually having to think twice about what I say to not offend. I don’t even understand politics for peet’s sake! Elephant costumes are so darn cute though…

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Freddy Krueger Hat and Costumes

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

Freddy Krueger Costume

Looking for something scary for Halloween? I guess it doesn’t have to be for Halloween, but scary costume choices usually are for the scary holiday of October. Or ComiCon. Anyway, Freddy Krueger costumes are a classic choice for Halloween that are immediately recognizable and instantly creepy. How could someone not be scared by the scared face and sharp metal gloves of Freddy Krueger. Freddy movies are obviously a hit during the Halloween season, so pop in a DVD or NetFlix or whatever you kids are using these days-I’m pretty young btw-and get into a very scary Freddy Krueger Halloween costume. You can choose from a costume set or pick out the costume piece by piece from the selection of individual costume accessories. Stay on budget by just getting the gloves and improvising the rest with home makeup and old clothes. You really just need the gloves and fedora. For a more extravagant and realistic costume, however, I do recommend the costume sets-which are pretty scary and will suit your Halloween needs.

Most guys these days go for scary costume at Halloween. Costumes for women trend toward more alluring costume types, but there are some scary and attractive costumes that will fit what some women can’t find down at the local costume store. A sexy Freddy Krueger costume is perfect for a couple who want to dress alike, but not too cutely. It’s Halloween and you don’t want your man dressing up as a Ken doll, do you? Maybe you do, who am I to judge…


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Sexy Costume Uniforms for Women

Friday, July 30th, 2010

Sexy Uniforms

Everyone always is talking about how sexy a man in uniform is. I don’t really get it, but I do know that women can look very sexy in a uniform too! Uniforms aren’t always all about functionality and conformity; in the world of costumes, uniforms can be some of the most alluring garments available. Stun everyone this Halloween in an intensely exotic military uniform that will have all your mates obeying your every command. Or be more sporting perhaps in a a sexy female jockey costume. Jockey costumes are great for horse lovers. Not that you’re in anyway endorsing horse racing by wearing a jockey costume, so don’t feel bad a bout it. Actually, maybe you are endorsing horse racing by wearing a jockey costume, but if everyone knows that you’re so against it already then the costume will still be an, ironic, success.

Sexy uniform costumes don’t stop at Jockeys and military mistresses. You can be a sexy sailor in a classic cruise ship look that is both retro and attractive. Look cute this Halloween in a sexy short sailor outfit. Sailor costumes are pretty popular every year, so getting the short cut version will make you stand out a bit in the crowd. Even if there are other sexy sailors at your particular event, you’ll surely be the sexiest one in an exotic sailor outfit! Looking good during Halloween means showing off some leg, so do it. Unless you want to a a lonely shut in, that is…

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Sexy School Girl Costume

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

Sexy School Girl Costume

Every year there are some costumes that just keep on coming back. This isn’t to say they aren’t great. They reappear every year because they’re so frinkin awesome. The sexy school girl costume is certainly one of these costumes. Every year many a lady, and a few daring and probably drunk gentlemen, don sexy school girl costumes on Halloween. The sexy school girl has gone far beyond fantasy and to a place of importance in American pop culture. The popularity of the school girl costume peaked a few years back when Britney Spears featured the outfit in her Baby One More Time video. After that came out every girl over the age of about ten dressed as a school girl. Good thing we carry a large quantity of school girl costumes. You don’t have to be the Britney Spears type school girl either. There are other much more preppy costumes that are better suited for a more realistic look.

Since the school girl costumes are so popular, try to accessorize and do your makeup a bit differently so that you stand out in the crowd. You don’t want to be a carbon copy of everyone else. Not that everyone is going to be wearing a catholic school girl costume, but there are bound to be some and you don’t want it to look like you all go tot he same school and wore your uniforms for Halloween! That would be completely lame. So, be sure to add your personal touches to a school girl costume.

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Clip on Animal Ears Noses and Tails

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

Clip on Ears

Trying to get out of an expensive and elaborate costume? Need a quick solution to what to wear to you next costume party? Well, you’ve all seen animal ear clip on before and bunny ear head bands but not in such selection. They’re are a ton of animals that you can quickly turn yourself into for very little money. Just strap on a pig nose for an Animal Farm costume or Bunny ears for various purposes. Should the Easter Bunny make an appearance at a Halloween party? I don’t know, you be the judge, but it could go over very well. Off beat costumes always get a decent amount of attention at parties. Costumes don’t have to be super fancy to work out. Clip on ears and noses are a good example of this. Just put on an elephant nose and a clip on elephant tail, maybe with all gray clothes, and you’ll be set to go as Eeyore. Costumes always involve a lot of imagination, why spoil it with too much visual stimulation? You can keep it simple and still you look as festive as can be.

Halloween is a fun time of year, but many turn it into a stressful one with costume over-planning. Don’t make the mistake of spending more time fretting about your costume than enjoying the seasonal fun. Relax, strap on some costume animal ears and be done with it. Wear all black and put a cat ear headband. You’ll be cat woman in 30 seconds.

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Costume Breasts and Fake fat stomachs

Monday, July 26th, 2010

Costume Breasts

Adults can have a pretty dirty sense of humor sometimes. Dirty doesn’t mean bad, though. Especially in these permissive times, it’s ok to let loose a bit and get into a costume that you may have shied away from in years past. How about some fake breasts for the chest. Worn on a man, the result is hilarious and the costume is always an attention grabber. Now, you may not want to wear a pair of fake breasts to a kids costume party, but for adults-after the kiddies have passed out in their sugar comas-may want to enjoy themselves with a party of their own. Put on a funny and have a drink or two. Or reverse that and have some drinks then get your funny costume out. Some may blush at the sight, but-really-the fake breast and fake pregnant stomach costume accessories will have at least some roaring with laughter. Just be careful you don’t get any unwanted attention…

Halloween should be a night where you can relax and have a good time. Laughter is always important at any social gathering, so why don’t you be the life of party for once? I’m asking you, why not? Just do it and you’ll surely have an excellent time. For those with a true sense of humor, low brow is the humble way to getting some deserved respect from your social group. Everyone should and can be the center of attention at least once, so strap on a pair of fake boobs and be the party animal you know you are!

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