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Inexpensive Short Wigs

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

Cheap Short Wigs

Short wigs for Halloween costumes are the type of item that you may forget to add to your costume. Everyone always thinks of the main costume, but the accessories are what will set you apart form the rest. Short wigs are an easy way to be someone else for the night. Whether you need a short blonde wig or a short auburn wig there are wigs that will let you be that fantasy character that you only have one night a year to be. Halloween lets everyone get outside themselves a bit and with an inexpensive short bob wig. There are other styles of short wigs too.

For a more theatrical look there are un natural colored wigs that will make your costume pop. With a hot pink wig or bright purple wig you will be easy to spot and remember. Your out of the box costume will have a unique touch that no one else will have. I mean there will be other people with short wigs on the Halloween, but yours will surely be the brightest and best if you pick a color that no one else will. A purpled haired witch comes to mind as a good idea or pick haired bar maid.

Inexpensive short wigs are an excellent way to set you apart so be sure to take advantage of all the extra looks that will come your way. Get out there and mingle your short haired head off! Your green short wig will get you the attention you deserve!

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Retro Costume Wigs 50s-70s

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

Retro Costume Wigs

If you really want to look like you blend into another era you have to get the hair right. Almost more than even clothing, hairstyles have evolved a lot over the years. The endless ways that your locks can be styled truly makes looking authentic a bit difficult, if not just annoyingly time consuming. Fear not ma’ lady, for there are inexpensive retro wigs that make styling your hair for hours completely unnecessary. Why spend tons of time and money on your hair when you can plop on a wig for under twenty bucks. The beehive is an iconic hairstyle that should never be duplicated in the present age because of how difficult maintaining the look is. With a wig you’ll be ready to go to the big Halloween event is only a few minutes. Not only are there traditional colors to choose from, but for a Marge Simpson type of look there are such items as Blue beehive wigs.

The salons of the 50s-70s produced some styles that without aid of heavy chemicals could not have existed. Why don’t you give your scalp a rest and use a costume wig instead? Hair chemicals are nasty. So use a costume wig instead of subjecting your brown hair to that much peroxide. Or formaldehyde based straightener. You know, in Greece working with these chemicals makes hairstyling considered a high risk profession entitled to early retirement? Anyway, you’ll save your self some exposure and some cash. Double bonus! Triple Score. Oh yeah…

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Costume Wigs for Him Her and More

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

Cheap Costume Wigs

When you’re planning a costume, the wig is an important accessory to consider. Often forgotten, the wig can take a lot of time out of getting ready for your next costume. Instead of having to carefully style or dye your hair for a costume all you have to do is pop on a cheap costume wig! Whatever the style of a costume, there are inexpensive costume wigs available to suit your need. Need a Marilyn Monroe? There are tons of them. Need a Jersey Shore Poof…its there for you. Spending a bunch of time on hair for a costume really is a waste, since if Halloween or that next costume party are any fun-you’ll end up with your hair down and toseled.

Wigs don’t need to cost hundreds of dollars. Don’t let the wig salesman fool you into thinking that you need to buy real human hair. For a costume all that you need to worry about is whether it matches your costume…for instance you don’t want to be a blonde Elvira! Spending big bucks on a costume wig is just silly, so don’t do it!

With all the time you’ll save by not doing your hair for your next costume, you have extra time to pre party! Not to mention you won’t be constantly worrying that your heavily hair sprayed locks are falling or that the temporary dye you used is running down your forehead.

Giving nothing to pause over, the costume wig is the perfect choice for a quick costume.

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