Venetian Masks

Venetian Masks

The Masquerade is coming soon and you can’t find a nice inexpensive venetian mask to go with your outfit…That’s because we have all of the country’s Venentian Masks! Well, not quite, but we do have a ton of fine quality Venetian Masks that are perfect for classy costume parties or Masquerade Balls. I would say that they’re fun for Mardi Gras/Carnaval-they are-but those great holidays have passed and we’re on out way to summer. Summer is a good time for parties, though. Have you considered your own backyard masquerade ball? You could just call your next kegger a Masquerade Ball…Costumes and masks are always great with beer. Or you could try to come up in the neighborhood a bit and throw yourself a classy masquerade party complete with Canapés and Champagne. That sounds pretty fun too. To make it easy on you they sell frozen Canapés at Trader Joe’s. They look better than they taste, but no one will really care as long as the Champagne is good. And real. That means from Champagne, France.

Now that I’m through with the social advice we can go back to the sweet-arse Venetian Mask. They come in some pretty cool and unique styles that will suit even the pickiest people. There are full masks with awesome Venetian clown faces and half masks with beautifully styled handles. You’ll be able to use some of the Venetian Masks available for many years to come. The producer pays attention to detail and tradition. Wearing one, you’ll be the talk of any masquerade.

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