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Costume Gloves can be Scary or Elegant

Monday, May 31st, 2010

Costume Gloves

If you need cheap gloves don’t bother going to the mall. Really, I was just at Macy’s and the cheapest pair of long gloves that were there were 30 dollars. I just found that absurd considering I know of identical pairs available for under 8 dollars. When you’re shopping for costume accessories you really shouldn’t be paying a ton of money. Why would you? You’re only going to wear the item one or two times, so why spend a ton of loot. I certainly wouldn’t. Anyway, costume gloves are good for many purposes. For use in groups costume gloves are great for matching costumes. If the gloves are flashy enough the audience’s eyes will go straight to them, instead of the off beat steps of the amateur dancers. Jazz hands have never looked as good. Take a look at the long gold gloves or the long silver gloves. They are fantastic choices for any performance as they shine brightly in the lights. The long silver gloves are good for retro space costumes for women too. A short silver dress, silver gloves and silver boots make an awesome 60s style go-go dancer space girl costume!

Costume gloves are cheap and versatile-like a good hooker! Sorry that statement popped into my mind and I simply couldn’t resist. I probably should take a writing course to brush up on technique, but that’s for another blog. Costume gloves are the type of thing that you may forget to order for costume, but don’t because they’re inexpensive attention grabbing accessories.

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Costume Knives and Swords for Pirates and More

Sunday, May 30th, 2010

Costume Knives

Knives and swords are costume accessories that are key to quite a few costumes. They help you give a different quality than you’d otherwise have while in character. How can you be a mean pirate without a saber to rattle in the face of your enemies? Likewise, you can’t be a Roman legionnaire without a roman sword? I mean you can be a Roman legionnaire without a sword, but sounds like a late imperial period soldier, when Rome was loosing against the Norther hoards that would later sack Rome itself. Supposedly though, at the time of the end of the empire, there weren’t any actual Roman citizens in the Roman army-just slaves and mercenaries. So if you don’t have a sword with your Roman costume, your costume would be more accurately described as an ancient slave costume than a Roman legionnaire from the late republican or early imperial ages.

For a pirate or bandit costume, you’re essentially required to carry a prop sword or prop dagger. Many costume sets do come with weapons, but the weapons they come with are insufficient if you’re trying to look like a professional. Or at least trying to look like you did something other than grab the first costume off of the rack that fit your needs. Costumes look best when they have personal touches added to them. Without these flourishes of creativity, a costume is just a garment reproduced by the thousands. You don’t want to look like everyone else, do you?

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Monster Fingers

Saturday, May 29th, 2010

Monster Fingers

Makeup is the type of thing that always adds that something special to a costume. No matter how hard you work on a costume, the actual garment plays second fiddle when you do the makeup right. Makeup for costumes isn’t just blush and eyeliner either. For true costume greatness you need to add prosthetic and other tricks that have had stage costumes and halloween getups looking creepy for years. The use of items like monster fingers with blended makeup on the hands makes you look realistic. Rather, it makes you look like the caricature of a monster, devil or witch that most people carry in their minds. Those gross fingers will serve you well on Halloween, when the compliments will come flying your way. You won’t know what to do with all the added attention.

Costume makeup is the type of thing that those who care about costume use. To show off how much you’re really interested in costume event, make use of things like witch fingers for that witch costume. Your costume will look perfectly creepy and gross with green witch fingers. That horrible uncirculated look is fantastic for Halloween night. Your green hands will scare anyone without a sharp eye. Colors for fingers come to match any costume really from devil red to corpse gray there are fingers for your next costume. Whatever it is try to put that extra bit of effort in that will have your next costume looking truly professional. And truly scary!

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Toddler Costumes and Baby Costumes

Friday, May 28th, 2010

Toddler Costumes

Who doesn’t love a baby? If you don’t like infants I think there is probably something seriously wrong with you. So too, if you don’t think that babies dressed up in costumes are cute, there has to be a screw loose! Costumes on babies and toddlers are probably one of the cutest images that can come to my mind. Babies and puppies and flowers and rainbows….and sugar and spice and everything nice…oh wow had a bit of a writer’s seizure there. It’s where stream of consciousness creeps into the words. Yuck! Maybe not yuck, but confusing for you-the reader-none the less. Where was I? Ah yes, toddler and infant costumes are the stuff of classic and memorable childhood photos. The type of photos that you show to your son or daughters girlfriends to embarrass them. My younger brother tried to be a cowboy for Halloween one year. Walked out of his room wearing nothing but a cowboy hat and boots. Hilarious. My mother, of course, rushed him back into his room to put on the rest of his costume, but that will teach you to help your toddler put on his or her costume!

Cute costumes are hard for adults to put together themselves. Trust the styling of the costume experts for your infant or toddler’s next costume. It be easier and probably cheaper than putting together a costume in pieces on your own. That way you can focus more on what is most important, your costume! Have fun looking at the adorable infant and toddler costumes.

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Stage Magic Tricks

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Stage Magic Tricks

Some tricks deserve to be put up on stage. They are of such great entertainment quality that they need to shared with others. These tricks are the classic stage magic tricks that amaze and disgust audiences everywhere. Stage magic needs to be graphic enough so that many people can see what’s going on or have a component that’s loud enough to scare a group. The bloody razor blade is a trick that no one can forget. It is very gross and everyone will certainly take a fright when they see the blood gushing down your arm. Razor blades are known by all to be very sharp so the thought of someone willingly cutting their body with one is hard to think about let alone actually see happen. Bloody Razor Blade tricks have been around for a while, but many simply don’t look real enough to scare a soul. Our bloody razor blade magic trick looks real enough to scare the wits out of your gramma or even your friends. You can make it look like your having a mental brake down on stage and pull out the razor blade. Start cutting away with the fake blood spraying everywhere. Very dark. Very appropriate for such event s as Halloween parties where you’re supposed to be a little morose.

Magic tricks are always great for anyone who loves putting on a show. With a bloody mess on your aunt’s white carpet, you’ll get all the attention that you can handle.

Bloody Razor Blade Magic Trick

Bloody Razor Blade Magic Trick

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Naked Short Selling has been banned…Not here!

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

Short Sale

The Germans have made illegal the practice of Naked Short Selling. Those jerks. We at costumeshop understand the pain and frustration that this would cause here, so we are have a short sale ;) right here and now to protest the cruel German economic morality. Just coupon code “shortsale” at checkout to receive a 10% discount on anything in the store. We appreciate your business and complicity in our protest of the German regulatory regime. ;)

Remember we’re always joking here, folks. Not about the discount though. Costumeshop is serious about…Saving YOU money!

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SS Officer’s Hat, French Beret and More

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

SS Officer Hat

If you want to wear a costume that most would consider so evil that even the sight of it is relatively distasteful. Nazi costumes are pretty much the most evil costume that you could possibly wear. Think about it. No one in recent times has been as cruel as the Nazi regime. Halloween is supposed to be scary and provocative; I would venture a guess that most would consider a Nazi costume to be one of the most provocative costumes available. Not in the sexy use of provocative either. More like provoking rage and disgust. But the costume can be very creepy. Maybe it’s because I just watched Inglourious Basterds (yes that is how the title is actually spelled…), but I hate the Nazi sons of dogs. See how I refrained from swearing there. I’m just so clever. Maybe not…

Anyway the Nazi costume hats in stock aren’t swastika adorned in any way. They contain the crest of Hitler’s Germany and they are in officer’s gray so you won’t immediately look like a complete white prison gang member. They’re a little more subtle than that. They require some knowledge of history to appreciate really. There are other military and civil servant caps available, but none is as attention grabbing and dark as the SS officers hat. You really may scare some older folk who remember the war, so I would watch out who you wear it around. Just do me a favor and be somewhat sensitive about wearing such a controversial costume. I don’t want a repeat of last year’s illegal alien mask fiasco. Sheesh.

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Bamboo canes and more

Monday, May 24th, 2010

Costume Canes

Costume canes are a costume accessory that seems to be pretty popular. Not just for Halloween costumes, but for group costumes as well. School musical numbers are great with canes as are any Broadway style production. You can rest assured that with our costume canes you wont be spending too much either. A lot of places charge a ton for actual canes for use with costumes. This isn’t a practical way to accessorize a costume especially if more than one item is needed or a budget is in place. Costume canes should be cheap and able to withstand a bit of wear, but not as much as an actual medical use cane. Our costume canes will last for as long as you need them, but probably get a medical cane if you actually have a physical necessity.

That being said costume canes come in some pretty durable materials. Some are wood and brass, with the classic duck head at the top. Others are much less expensive and are made of still durable plastic. Other canes are magic tricks with caps that pop when pressure is applied or a trigger pulled. Magic canes are fun for magicians and are exciting additions to theater productions. A little old fashioned showmanship is always still welcome, whatever the venue. Schools are especially good places for less expensive special effects. While a larger venue may need a little more bang from the Magic cap cane, for theaters under 400 seats you’ll wow the crowd.

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Burger King Costume

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

Burger King Costume

The Burger King mascot has become instantly recognizable and possibly annoying to some. Hilarious to many more. For years, customers wondered who the mysterious King was who lorded over their burger restaurant was. What did he look like? What he was like? Well, he is a kind and generous king who showers his subjects with cheap accessible and hot food. We all know that Burger King has the hottest food out of all the fast food chains, but the Burger Kings seeks to spread the word even further. Burger King costumes are great for thos who want to share the word for the greatness of Burger King. Or smart franchise owners who want to increase volume for a couple days. Burger King costumes are also great for those who want an extra creepy costume.

Consider plastering some fake blood all over the Burger King Mask for use in Animal Rights protests. Show the world the true cruelty of the King of Burgers. He should feel ashamed of the millions for cows he annually sentences to death. Animals of the World Unite against the mean king! Anyway, point is whether you love or hate burgers, the Burger King costume can be very useful.

Some Halloween costumes are scary and others are funny. This one can really be either, so why don’t you experiment a little bit with the Burger King and that creep-o grin he has permanently on his face. Great excuse to break the diet and eat a bunch of hamburgers too. Yum!

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Fun Magic Wands

Saturday, May 22nd, 2010

Magic Wands

Magic tricks are a lot of fun. If you get good enough at them you’ll need to look the part of a magician. What better says, “I’m a magician,” than a cool magic wand. The classic black or in other interesting colors, magic wands are simply a must have for anyone aspiring to be or look like a magician. Add a cape and top hat; you’ll be a Houdini look-a-like in a couple seconds flat. Certain costumes need certain costume accessories. A magician is one of these costumes. Without the magic wand you may be mistaken for a Bela Lugosi style drcual costume. Completely wrong. So, be sure to add just the right accessories to your magician costume.

The magic wands aren’t all just standard, either. There are collapsing and trick magic wands that should satisfy any craving for the best magic wand available.

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