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Costume Weapons Prop Guns

Sunday, January 31st, 2010

Many times costumes require a weapon for an accessory. You don’t want to carry around the family shotgun-probably a felony in most states-but you need the look of a costume gun or knife to complete your look. Whether it be a military costume or an elaborate ninja blade, there are inexpensive quality costume weapons available. For the crazed gardener look, there is a fake chain saw with a blood curdling sound. The complete psycho look is an excellent choice for a Halloween Costume.

Cheap replica guns swords and more: Costume Weapons

Costume weapons work well as props in theater productions as well. Prop weapons are realistic looking and with tons of choices. There re prop period muskets as well as faux beretta m9s. For more comical needs there are more cartoonish looking prop guns as well. There are also prop swords and knives starting at only a few dollars. For special effects we also recommend the starter pistol for use with blanks, which we also carry. That extra bang sound is great for performances and is very loud. We must offer a word of caution, however. Be careful when using starter pistols and blanks, reading the instructions thoroughly, as misuse can result in harm. Sorry for the buzz kill, but we don’t want you to get hurt!

Prop weapons and Costume weapons are great accessories that add depth to the character you are trying to create. It’s hard to be a knight without a sword, or a policeman without a gun. Don’t be without a complete costume this Halloween or for your theater production. You don’t want to look lazy, do you?

Prop Colt 45 Revolver

Prop Colt 45 Revolver


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Great Jetsons Costumes

Saturday, January 30th, 2010

George Jetson Costume, Judy Jetson Costume, Jane Jetson and Astro too: Jetsons Costumes

The Jetsons is one of the most memorable and recognizable cartoons from the 1960s. Only 75 episodes of the origianl series were ever made, with a new version of the Hanna-Barbera classic appearing in the 1980s. The sixties version was a counterpart to the stoneage Flinstones, basically the same story except in the future. The Jetson family lives in futuristic 2062 where the work week has been shortened to 3 hours a day 3 days a week. Society has evolved into a sort of capitalistic dream. Big industrial plants still employ everyone and only one bread winner is needed per household. George Jetson, Judy Jetson, Jane and Elroy live with their dog, Astro, in a condominium complex high in the sky, cruising the skies in flying bubble cars. In a couple of episodes the family employed a robot maid name Rosie. It’s like a Norman Rockwell painting set in the future.

For a retro-futuristic (an oxymoron I realize), maybe nostalgic-atomic-utopia look is better, go for the Jetsons. These days the visions of the future from a more idealistic time will seem ironic and humorous. Whether you’re in need of a George Jetson Costume of Jane Jetson Costume you’ll be impressed. There’s even an Astro costume for your dog. The fabrics for the Jane and Judy Jetson Costumes is nice and shiny, so you’ll grab some attention. Some of them are downright sexy. Not creepy sexy, either. Cool sixties go-go dancer sexy. Anyway, you’ll have fun. Promise.

Jane Jetson Costume

Jane Jetson Costume

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Cheap Costume Parasols

Friday, January 29th, 2010

Big choices in Inexpensive Costume Parasols: Cheap Parasols

Parasols are great for shade and for costumes. Parasols are basically umbrellas that are mostly used for shade as they are not often waterproof. They come in a variety of bright colors. There are red parasols, blue parasols and white parasols among so many others. There are some with lace and some made with paper. Many have a victorian quality to their construction, while others remail distinctly oriental in theme. Parasols are a clown costume essential; there are comedy specific parasols for the zany clowns out there. Or creepy halloween clowns, I suppose. You could spray fake costume blood onto a white parasol for a murderous clown look. I digress.

Parasols are great costume accessories because they are as versatile as they are inexpensive. Parasol prices start at under 8 dollars, so you won’t break the bank with any choice. However, there are more extravagant parasols available. In stock now, many of the parasols have cute ruffled lace detailing. Perfect for any 19th century costume. Even the fancier parasols are pretty affordable, though!

For your costume parasol needs, CostumeShop has you covered. Whether you’re a clown, part of a theater production, or just in need of some cheap shade, there are parasols available to fit your individual need. Southern belle or not, parasols can be part of your next costume. For asian costumes, including kimonos, try adding an oriental style parasol to carry. It will add some originality to the costume. When you’re done, they’re also great for craft projects.

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I Dream of Jeannie Costumes

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

Authentic looking I Dream of Genie costumes available: I Dream of Genie Costume

“I Dream of Jeannie” is a classic 60s sitcom that can inspire some cool costumes. The star of the show, which ran from 1965-1970, is the beautiful Barbara Eden. Eden also starred in the 50s sitcom, “How to Marry a Millionaire.” She wears a pretty skimpy outfit including a bare mid section and sheer pants. She does wear the veil, for modesty’s sake…She co stared with Larry Hagman as her “master.” The series was a total hit and over 165 original episodes were aired. The idea for the series came to executive producer Sidney Sheldon after watching the popular movie, “The Brass Bottle,” also with Barbara Eden, but with Burl Ives as the genie. Sheldon had a fantastic idea to have a female genie in a series. I Dream of Jeannie was born.

Barbara Eden was quite a sexy lady in her day, and her costume showed it off. She bubbly and blonde-and extremely good hearted. Her costume is a 60s throwback that will have everyone talking. The skimpy shorts with long sheer harem pants are the sexy genie stereo type, but the length preserves some leg-so you won’t feel uncomfortable wearing the outfit.

The I Dream of Jeannie Costume is the perfect female genie costume; what everyone has come to expect from the genie caricature. For Halloween or any costume event, try the awesome I Dream of Jeannie Costume. It’s fun, recognizable and looks really cute!

Happy Shopping!

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Long Wigs, Short Wigs, Red Wigs, Blue Wigs!

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

Lots of Ladies Costume Wig: Female Wigs

Wigs shouldn’t cost a lot to look really good. Costume wigs come in a huge variety of styles and are extremely affordable. For your next costume, consider a fun wig to add a some flair. There are gothic wigs to express your dark side and beehives to channel your sixties housewife. Costume wigs are the perfect costume accessory for anyone who really wants to get into their getup. Wearing wig is great for getting into your character and for some additional concealment as to your identity. No one will recognize the natural brunette in stunning long blonde wig! Or when they do, they’re surely be shocked!

Costume wigs work well for school plays and theater produstions as well. Since they’re pretty inexpensive, anyone shopping within a specific budget should be able to do just. Most wigs are available in large quantities when many of the same look are required.

Of course, Costume wigs are practically a requirement for Halloween. There are plenty of creepy big wigs for witches and more. You’ll be able to scare anyone in a greasy Demonica devil wig. With dirty detailing for a dank alley aesthetic, everyone one will be wondering if you got too into your character and slept outside for a few weeks. The devil horns on it are pretty awesome too. Look at this great Demon Wig. For looking the part of a she devil, you’ll need little else.

Browse the selection and imagine you character. You’ll be wigged out in no time.

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Christian and Religious Costumes

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

Jesus, Joseph, Mary and many more religious costumes: Christian Costumes

Christian and Religious costumes are perfect for church and parochial school plays. There are tons of authentic looking costumes to choose from. Everyone will be very impressed with your costume choice with any of Costume Shop’s quality Christian costumes. There are costumes for any Easter or Springtime religious production with beautiful Mary and Joseph costumes that can be used year after year. There are both realistic and compical versions of most religious costumes for plays of all types. This isn’t to say there are sacreligious costumes of any kind, but some of the products contain more caricturized details than others. In addition to the religious costumes there are some great accessories to go along with them. There is a wonderful shepard’s crook that is under 6 dollars. There are also gold rope belts for adding a grandious effect to any robe.

In addition to biblical costumes, there are clergy costumes as well. There are priest outfits of various kinds, as well nuns’ habits and even a rabbi costume. There’s a good selection of religous costumes of all sorts.

Religious costumes can work well for Halloween as well. Celebrate the debaucherie that is Halloween with some irony. Dressing up as a nun is a classic, but what about a zombie Joseph? Be careful not to offend, but it could be a hit! Either way your sure to catch a few glances and some well deserved attention. It takes some cajones to put on a costume like that for Halloween!

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Costume Canes are a great Costume Accessory

Monday, January 25th, 2010

These costume canes are so sweet: Costume Canes

Costume Canes are fantastic costume accessories. They add some flair to your getup, whether your an old man or a pimp. Or an old pimp. Or a weird Crypt creeper. Point is, canes are pretty sweet. You can use them for protection in urban trick-or-treating as well. That was a joke. Anyway, there are tons of canes available to match a variety of costume types. There are even some magic trick canes that levitate. Perfect for kids parties or for freaking out hippies. If you’re looking for an animal head cane, for example a duck head cane, there are quite a few choices. Animal head-not real animal head-canes are a pretty classic design that has endured for hundreds of years. Made of brass, wood or plastic they can last an extremely long time and start at under twenty dollars.

For those on a budget who need canes for school plays or other theater productions, CostumeShop has an impressive selection of very inexpensive canes-starting at only three dollars. We know shopping for props on a budget is tough-this should make it a touch easier. There are canes for productions of all types and sizes. Comical, magic or realistic your cane is there.

Costume Canes are fitting for a Halloween Costume, a school play or just for a laugh. Or scare. With all the choices you’ll be all pimped out in a hot minute…Or casting a witch doctor spell. Or hitting someone in the shins. Or supporting yourself as you walk-as they are intended…ok that’s all.

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Costume Knives Swords and Daggers

Sunday, January 24th, 2010

SHARP EDGES…proceed with caution (jk)…Costume Swords, Knives and Daggers: Costume Swords

Costume sets don’t always come with everything you may want as far as props go. For many costumes, especially for theater productions, there needs to be a prop used to get the character’s point across…Speaking of points, costume daggers swords and knives are fantastic props for your next costume. There are knives with fake blood, roman style swords and butcher knives. Any blade style you can think of is available in a “costume” form. Costume knives with fake blood are fantastic for effects in school plays and have a realistic look-especially from the stage. For Halloween creepy Elvira costumes, try the Elvira daggers- with their dark gothic design they are perfectly spooky. For special effects try the disappearing dagger that recesses back into the handle when pressure is applied to the blade-get a tube of fake blood with it and you’re in for some dark creepy fun.

Costume knives, daggers, and swords are classics in the form of Children’s knight sets and samurai swords. Costume props add a lot of uniqueness to costumes; without breaking the bank. Most prop swords are very inexpensive and the added element to your next costume is well worth the small cost. For a few bucks you can have a butcher knife sticking out of your arm! Doesn’t that sounds fun…

Real knives and daggers should not be trusted in the hands of children, but costume versions are fantastic toys for kids that they will enjoy long after their intended purpose.


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Sexy Pirate Costume

Saturday, January 23rd, 2010

Check out the very sexy Pirate Costumes: Sexy Pirate Costumes

Arrrrrgh! Avast ye’ land lubbers! Be a sexy pirate wench for your next costumes. There are tons of different styles to choose from, a different costume for everyone! Even plus size costumes for the larger pirates out there. Now that the popularity of Pirate movies has subsided a little bit, pirate costumes will be a little more unique again. Maybe Disneyland will bring back the old style pirate hats! That’s probably wishful thinking, but a guy can dream can’t he? I digress, Pirate costumes are a perennial favorite and the selection out there truly is extraordinary. Form classic designs with cut offs to super hot pirate women in short raggedy skirts and heels. Yeah, that’s right, a pirate wearing heels. Talk about a bad girl…

Pirate Costumes have been a favorite since Errol Flynn graced the silver screen as a swashbuckler drunk on rum and power. The world’s love affair with the romaticized version of the pirate began with Jean Lafitte, hero of the American revolution, portrayed by Flynn as the Gentleman Pirate. To be by Captain Lafitte’s side, a sexy pirate wench costume is necessary. In lace or leather, you know you want to please the captian. You don’t want to have to walk the plank, after all? Swim with the fishes? You get the idea.

Look sexy for your Captain in a very sexy Pirate costume. There’s leather, lace and whatever the captain has ordered. So get looking and take of swig of run for good luck!

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Blonde Wigs Blondes have more Fun!!!

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

Be a blonde for a day, hundreds of blonde wigs available: Blonde Costume Wigs

Blonde wigs will let you have more fun. Rather than attempting to dye your hair blonde for your next marilyn monroe blonde, try a blonde wige. They’re cheap, durable and realistic. Why damage your hair with peroxide when you can throw on a ten dollar wig that does a better job. If you’re a brunette don’t chance an orange bad dye job. You want a wig.

Costumes are temporary and you don’t want to ruin your beautiful locks over just one night. So, pick out an awesome and inexpensive wig for your next Anna Nicole get up. Don’t forget the prescription pills! Seriously, though blonde wigs are easy and cheap.

From real human hair to plastic, blonde wigs range from a couple bucks to a couple hundred. The vast majority of blonde costume wigs are priced under twenty dollars, so they’re in everyone’s budget. Barbie Wigs, long curly wigs and any other style you can imagine- wigs are for any costume. What would a Marilyn Monroe costume be without a blonde wig. You can’t be a brunette Marilyn Monroe.

Other than blondes wigs there are wigs for every hair color and type, many coming in various sizes to fit your head perfectly. Often times, people won’t even notice that you’re wearing a wig, unless it’s acrylic neon blue. Wigs come in tons of vintage styles, too. Beehive wigs, long alpine braided wigs. Dress up as Swiss favorite, Heidi, in the long germanic braids.

Wigs for one and all!

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