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Prop Daggers

Sunday, August 8th, 2010

Prop Dagger

Some costumes, most costumes, go better with some props. They add depth to the character that you’re trying to create with your costume. What would a pirate be without a weapon? Not a very threatening pirate I’ll say that much. Adding a costume dagger to a costume is something that turns a boring costume into one that is awesome, or maybe more historically correct. For plays and other productions, prop daggers with jewels are great as they shine in the stage lights. Costume weapons are inexpensive, so you have no excuse not to wear one with your costume-should your character call for such a weapon. Costume daggers come in a ton of styles to match various costume types.

From short samurai swords to creepy skulled daggers there are choices that will look perfect with your costume. Some of the daggers are cool enough that they make pretty neat toys for not too young kids. I say that because I wouldn’t want you giving costume weapons to too small a child. Just seems wrong on some level. On subject, costume daggers for serial killer costumes and daggers for more fanciful costumes are available now for your Halloween costume. Make this Halloween the one where you get into an impressive costume. Don’t go year after year with poorly accessorized costumes. You might as well not try at all if you’re going to put together a lame dagger-less costume! Jeeez. This Halloween make an effort to scare the Trick or Treaters with a fake knife instead of the one out the kitchen. You can get arrested for using the rubber one…


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Cheap Costume Makeup

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

Cheap Costume Makeup

Makeup for costumes isn’t the same thing as makeup for lookin’ hot. Trust us you don’t want real blood red blush if you’re going out. Well, maybe if you’re a goth. Besides this though you don’t want to use expensive makeup on costumes. Especially if you need to use a ton of make up. School plays and theater productions often go through a ton of makeup for their performances. Most budgets of any theater production these days is pretty small, so you can’t be using expensive department store products. Chanel is out and so too even Covergril. For costumes you need costume makeup. Cheap stuff in shades that will get you noticed. NOT to say that cheap blush in natural tones isn’t available, because it most certainly is!

Other than what you traditionally think of as costume makeup such as scary Halloween makeup kits with fake blood there are cooler items still. Costume prosthetics come in a ton of different styles. From a bolted eye piece, that is a sort of Man in the Iron mask meets Pirate, to elf ears there are plenty of items that will have you looking in character in no time. Do follow the instructions on the package though, application is important if you want your prosthetic to stay in place for all of Halloween night. Or for your entire scene in the big theatrical production.

Costume makeup lets you make any costume more realistic or more fanciful! For cheap too! What could be better?

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Costume Armor and Shields

Monday, April 12th, 2010

Costume Armor

Rome was an empire that is hard to forget. I mean, basically, the Western world is Rome, but that is beside the point. Ancient Rome is a civilization that is certainly worth honoring with a costume. What better symbol of the glory of the old Empire than it’s powerful Army-that most powerful of its day. Costume armor and shield from Rome are great for cheap and quick costumes that will show your love of the ways of the ancients. Be a gladiator by simply wearing some tattered clothes with costume Roman armor over them. Gladiators were the slaves forced to fight for their lives as part of grandiose spectacles put on for the pleasure of the Roman public. They were given characteristic armor that you can easily wear to make a fantastic costume.

Great for plays that require knight’s armor and Roman armor, prop shields and the such are realistic enough to fool many an audience. They’ll think you spent thousands instead of just few bucks on your props. Well, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but the prop swords and shields are rather impressive. You’ll have lots of fun playing with them!

Since they’re cheap and make for easy costumes, costume armor and shields should be at the top of anyone’s costume accessory list. When looking for a costume that won’t require much work of any kind…try dressing as a Roman soldier in armored breast plate and matched shield. You too can live forever in the fields of Elysium. Make your own mark at your next costume event.

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Brass Bell, Kazoo, Tambourine and Prop Instruments

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

Prop Musical Instruments

Need a bunch of maracas? No problem. Need 5 dozen tambourines for a school play? We have them. From a servant’s bell to kazoos prop instruments are perfect for additions to costumes and for theatrical productions of any size. Or if you’re thinking of playing an annoying prank on one of your teachers consider buys a bunch of our cheap kazoos and giving them to your entire class. Then, when the teacher’s back is turned you all take turns playing the kazoos. The instructor will never know where it is coming from! Harmless and annoying enough to be funny. Not clever, but funny. The tambourines are fantastic for any musical number and if your school is anything like the one in High School Musical, you’ll need the tambourines to sing along with the others. They may even set you apart from the rest, making you the true star!

Has your help been slacking off? Has she been pretending not to hear you when you call her name, from your bed (when waking at noon)? I mean all you want is a Mimosa for God’s sake!? Sounds to us like you need a bell. A nice loud brass one-to wake that lazy domestic of yours out of her daydreams…that way she can never claim that she didn’t hear your booze scented words sprayed from that ashtray you call a mouth…Cough. It’s only nine dollars, so you could easily dock it from her pay- to teach her a lesson, after all you’re not running a charity; what’s fair is fair…

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Costume Wigs for all Occasions

Saturday, February 27th, 2010

Costume Wigs

Let’s face it. No one these days has a ton of cash. A great way to cut corners on costumes is through the use of cheap costume wigs. Wigs come in thousands of styles for every possible costume. Wigs are annually one of our best sellers because of their high quality, diverse utility and low prices. For Halloween costumes of many types, a wig can add a lot of depth to your character. For theater productions or for building your theater wardrobe wigs are a necessity. There is no way that the quick costume changes of many plays can go off without the use of costume wigs. Costume wigs are a lifesaver.

Real human hair fashion wigs can cost hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars. Our costume wigs start at just a few bucks and come in more styles than offered at any wig shop. Costume wigs are the way to go for temporary uses of wigs. Or for fashion if you want to be a bit outlandish, try wearing a crazy costume wig to work. As long as it doesn’t violate the corporate code of conduct. Go ahead and do it! You’re probably on your way to a lay off anyway…cough…on a brighter note, costume wigs can save you a whole bunch of dough when compared to even synthetic fashion wigs.

For props or for Halloween, costume wigs will make your costume that much better. Giving you the edge over all of the others out there. The point is to have the best costume, right? Well, you may need a wig in that case.

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Costume Wigs for Theater and Halloween

Sunday, February 21st, 2010

Costume Wigs

Costume Wigs are the best when it comes to inexpensive wigs. Most selections, including the awesome blonde curly wig pictured below, are well under 20 dollars and will last for more than just one Halloween or performance. Our costume wigs have been featured in theater productions around the United States, where budgets are often tight. Quality need not be sacrificed with a low price. Costume wigs are of the same quality as any synthetic cosmetic wig. Your audience, whether at a Halloween costume party or in the seats at the theater, will love the detail of our costume wigs.

Costume wigs fit the needs of those who don’t want to hire a professional hairstylist, or where quick costume changes are needed. Costume wigs compliment a huge number of costumes and easily change your appearance without breaking the bank. The ease of the costume wig is really its beauty. Any character imaginable can be achieved in only seconds. Forget hairspray, flat irons and hours in front of a mirror, costume wigs solve your costuming needs.

Wigs come in styles for both men and women-and more than a few creepy unisex ones, so there’s no excuse to have bad hair this Halloween. How hard is it to put on a wig? Not hard. Not hard at all. Stop being so apathetic and cynical. Get into the character of your next costume, whatever the occasion, and wear a wig. If you’re bald, you’ll feel twenty years younger…or whenever you last had hair.


Athena Curly Blonde Wig

Athena Curly Blonde Wig

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Pirate Costume Accessories for all Ye Landlubbers

Saturday, February 20th, 2010

Pirate Costume Accessories

Pirate Costumes are some of our very favorite costumes every year. They are a recurring costume that never gets old and is always present. To jazz up your pirate costume for this Halloween or any other costume event. Consider a pirate earring or a pirate hook to add to your costume. It will set it apart from the other pirate costume bound to be out during Halloween. The pirate can be turned into a unique costume using some clever accessory pieces. You don’t want to risk having several twin pirates at a party…Your date might go home with the wrong one!

Pirate Costumes are such a favorite that by the end of September, they’re gone off the shelves. To make quick pirate get up try using some old clothes and a few of our pirate accessories. With just some muddied ripped pants and shirt and a pirate eyepatch you’ll be unmistakable as a swashbuckling pirate. Or wear more formal wear with a pirate scarf to look like a Privateer. Privateers were officially sanctioned pirates used by the various crowns of Europe to steal gold from one another. The classic 1940 Errol Flynn flick, The Sea Hawk featured the antics of English Privateers against the mighty Navy of King Philip of Spain. The movie actually was a remake of a 1924 silent of the same name and used some battle scenes from the original in order to cut costs, but everyone remembers Errol Flynn’s version better.

Dress up like the sauve Errol Flynn as his character, Captain Geoffrey Thorpe, or your own favorite pirate!

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Juggling Accessories Juggling Supplies

Monday, February 8th, 2010

Juggling Equipment

Juggling is a great form of entertainment that dates back centuries. You can juggle anything if your good: balls, scarves, knives, girlfriends…boyfriends…whatever-you get the picture. There are a ton of techniques and supplies available for both the beginning juggler and the seasoned “jangler” as the French call the juggler. Who cares about the French, though? So snobby and pompous and think-they’re-so-chic…cough…Juggling, though, Juggling is a fantastic way to entertain and dry way to impress your friends. It is a skill, so it does take some practice, but with just a little time and the patience of small child you should be able to figure juggling. Unless you have some sort of problem, like with your arms or something. It may then take longer. Sorry, I’m grumpy tonight. Maybe I should amuse myself by Juggling! Did I, by chance mention that juggling is super fun! Also, in some countries, jugglers are held in high esteem for their intense power of concentration.

I may have made the last sentence up; by “may” I mean I did-indeed-fabricate the last statement. This, however, does not take away from the immense and undeniable truth that juggling will impress your friends. Not too many people are able to Juggle. It probably won’t get you laid, but people will be like:

“Dude, that guy is the guy who juggles or something,” guy looks over tries to grab really awesome juggler/seth green look-a-like’s attention, “Dude, Juggler!” guy nudges his friend, “Watch this bro, this is sweet,” takes a swig of beer as juggler approaches-sauvely,
“Juggler, I’ve been telling my friend of your most fantastic skills…”

It could go on. Go out there and Juggle, folks!

Juggling Set

Juggling Set

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Costume Wings and Halos

Saturday, February 6th, 2010

Costume Wings

Fairy, angel, or demon there is an appropriate wing and halo for you! Wings and halos add an extra more unique element to otherwise more common costumes. By dressing up a more basic costume with a beautiful set of wings can transform you from princess to fairy, or just a pretty white dress into an angel costume. Costume wings and halos are fantastic for school plays and many are perfect for Midsummer Night’s Dream fairy costumes. Be as Shakespeare’s magical creatures and frolic amongst the forest’s trees by the light of the moon! For theater costumes, fairy wings are props that can be used for many years and on the back of many a pretty sprite. Whether Puck, Oberon or Tatania, fairy wings will fit the bill. The wings come in many different styles and at different prices. There are plenty of choices for anyone shopping on a budget and for those looking for a custom professional style piece.

Costume halos are great for sexy angel costumes too. Think of accessorizing a sexy lingerie set with a halo, or dressing up as a risque fairy to spice things up. The possibilities in usage for costume halos and wings are huge. Butterfly costumes are also an excellent use of costume wings. Who, I ask, doesn’t like butterflies? Everyone likes butterflies. See, there, case closed-be a butterfly for your next costume!

Costume Wings and halos are accessories that have many uses and, if cared for, will last for many re-incarnations. Angel costume one year; demon costume the next. Or just wear wings to work for some extra attention!

Fairy Wings

Fairy Wings

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Costume Hats

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

Sombreros, Chinese Cooley Hats, Arab Head Scarfs are just some of the awesome costume hats available. For every costume there is a hat that will make it better. There are alpine caps for German and Swiss costumes. Complete with the green costume feather. Simply fantastic; and such a deal, we must be crazy! Under 7 bucks a piece. Perfect for your lederhosen outfit or just for your everyday yodeling wear.

Now, the Arab head scarf has been a most popular item this year. In fact, this item is relatively hard to find at this price point. For only ten bucks you get a classic Arab head scarf. The costume kufiya differs from the traditional Kufi worn by many Arabic speaking peoples. The kufiya is more the stereotypical scarf with headband to keep it in place. The tradtional kufi is simply a skull cap. The Kufi has a more overt religious significance than the Kufiya, which signifies more the wearers geographic origin than specific religious affiliation. Anyway, the Arab head scarf available is of great quality and can last many uses. It comes in a traditional white color.

Among the other types of ethnic specific hats are French berets in a variety of colors and styles. There are sequined berets that have been popular for theater productions and school plays. Also, Chinese straw farmer’s has and long Chinese braids for added effect.

Dutch girl hats, berets and more: Ethnic Costume Hats

Whether you’re completing a Halloween costume or just need a specific prop, our ethnic hats will be perfect for your needs. The price is right and the selection is awesome. Check out the other costume hats, as well. There are thousands of products.

Arab Head Scarf

Arab Head Scarf

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