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Sexy Costumes

Monday, February 1st, 2010

Sexy Costumes aren’t just for Halloween, they’re for any of your costume needs. The sexy costume has been gaining in popularity in the last couple of years and our selection of Sexy Costumes has grown along with it. There are thousands of Sexy Costumes available. Everything from Sexy Nurse Costumes to Sexy Leprechaun Costumes. Don’t forget the obligatory sexy angel and devil costumes, either! These exotic costumes are, of course, fantastic for Valentine’s day, but also for St. Patrick’s Day and for Mardi Gras. We all know what happens in New Orleans come Fat Tuesday, why not put on something festive and sexy for the occasion? If you want to liven things up, what better way than to show off your…sense of humor!

From Sexy Girl Scout costume to Playboy Bunny Costumes: Sexy Costumes

There are tons and tons of different costumes to chose from as mentioned, but there are some really creative costumes, as well. The sexy cavewoman costume is hilarious. While a dirt covered savage probably doesn’t initially seem that appealing, the cut of this costume will change your mind! WhoooWee! Talk about unique, too. You’ll be the only sultry pre historic beast at your next costume party. Smear some garlic on yourself to smell extra ripe! That was a joke.

Costumes are often seasonal, but Sexy costumes can be incorporated into just about any holiday or costume party. You get the fun of dressing up, with the confidence that you still look good. For a more alluring look, try a Sexy Costume.

Sexy Girl Scout Costume

Sexy Girl Scout Costume

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Magic Tricks are Awesome (and Cheap)

Friday, January 15th, 2010

Tons of great magic tricks, take a look: Cheap Magic Tricks

Magic Tricks are tons of fun and can add to your next costume. Think of being about to do a trick in addition to getting dressed up. Talk about an icebreaker! On their own magic tricks are fun, generally pretty easy to do, and impressive. There are dice tricks and card tricks, the usual-but there are lots of variations on classic tricks. There are double faced cards, tied cards, electric decks, weighted dice and countless others. All tricks are fun and not too difficult to master.

Aside from the dice and card tricks there are Christian magic tricks for sunday school, silks, illusions and just about any other type of trick you could be looking for. There’s even a dvd explaining the art of levitation. Imagine levitating at your next party! That would be pretty sweet. Magic tricks are great for kids and many children will develop a lifelong fascination with stage magic and tricks of all kinds. For beginning magicians out there, we offer plans on how to complete some classic performance tricks including Arm Amputation and the Chest of Enchantment. The plans are very detailed, listing all necessary supplies and drawings of the correct build of each trick. Most people don’t realize that many very popular and famous magicians simply rework the plans to these classic performance tricks. Beginning magicians can express there own individuality in the superficial surface elements of many Magic trick plans.

And don’t forget, Valentine’s Day is less than a month away!!


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Costume Wigs for School Plays and Costume Perfection

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

Thousands of wigs are availble, take a peek: Costume Wigs

Wigs dress up a costume or can be an interesting costume on their own. Costume wigs are inexpensive and a good value considering how much of a difference they make. Adding a wig to a costume can tie the colors together or turn a little black dress into a witch costume, there are tons of ways to accessorize with wigs. There are thousands of wigs available for sale and there truly is one for every costume. Wigs start at only a few bucks so if you’re on the fence about choosing between a couple, get them all and save them for other costume occasions.

Costume Wigs are great for school and community plays, as well. Often times, on a tight budget, there’s no room to spend hundreds of dollars on real human hair (especially if it’s only to be worn a couple times). A ton a community playhouses and school drama departments rely on cheap costume wigs for their own costume departments. The quality is perfect for performances and the prices are right for buying in bulk. Costume wigs are an important part of completing outfits when professional hair stylists are not available; wigs are an easy alternative to resetting hair in between scenes.

Whether for a personal costume or for a professional performance wigs are a versatile tool to jazz up an outfit or complete a costume. From historic to comical, there are loads of wigs available for your needs now.

Break a leg, folks!

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Pet Costumes are a great Costume Accessory

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

Your precious pet will look great in one of these Pet Costumes: Funny Dog Costumes

Dogs look super cute when they’re all dressed up for an occasion. Dressing up your dog when going out is a great way to turn your pet into an attention grabbing fashion or holiday accessory. Not that dogs are like handbags, but nothing is cuter than a little dog in a funny costume. Valentine’s day is fast approaching and if you’re feeling a little dirty or suggestive try dress your puppy in a Doginatrix outfit (Is a pink and black dominatrix out fit for a dog-hilarious). Or there’s always the classic devil or cupid costumes for your treasured companion.

Dogs can be a bit picky when it comes to costumes. So it’s important to find the right fit for your pet. Costumes come in a variety of sizes and styles to fit all breeds of dog. Be sure to not get a costume you think will be too small for your medium-larger size pet, as the animal will most probably rip it off. Just as you take time to figure out your own size in costumes, extend the same courtesy to your best friend. Fluffy or Fido (generic names I know) will thank you!

As far as matching your costume, try to match colors or theme-as you would when picking out any accessory. You’ll be the talk of the town with a matching outfits. Just make sure your little doggy doesn’t overshadow you!

Remember folks, always spay and neuter your Pets!


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Decorating with Valentine’s Day Costume Accessories

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

This Cupid Bow and Arrow is adorable (and cheap): Cupid Bow and Arrow

Decorating for Valentine’s day can be tricky. You certainly want to bring some red and pink into your home, but don’t want to go overboard. Often times when using such bright colors, the details in your decorating can be lost into one cotton-candy colored haze. Try just lightly touching up your place this St. Valentine’s day. If done tastefully just a few changes to your home can make a dreary room festive One costume consumer found a great use for a cupid bow and arrow set by turning it into the base of a creative table centerpiece!

Valentine’s day can be an intimidating holiday. The trick to doing it right is not making it look like you put too much work into it. Covering your entire living room in decorations probably isn’t necessary and might make you look a little crazy. Try some flowers or a wreath or doormat-steer clear of pink twinkly lights or musical doorbells. Valentine’s day is about love and being with your special someone (or if you’re single, getting drunk-with friends hopefully). So try something simple for decorating, but look your absolute best for your partner.

Honor St. Valentine’s day this year in style-or perhaps in good humor with a Valentine’s day Sexy Costume…and be creative and subdued in your decorating. Red and pink are fantastic and all but, but I don’t think the goal is turning your home into the Madonna Inn. Unless, of course, you like the decorating at the Inn…

Anyway, Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Sexy Valentine’s Day Costumes

Monday, January 11th, 2010

Oh woooowie look at these Valentine’s day costumes:Valentine’s Day Costumes

Valentine’s day is the sexiest day of the year. Devoted to love and partners, this holiday is the one for love and looking your best. Surprising your significant other with a sexy costume is a great way to spice up the night. After dinner is over and you’re back at home, perhaps enjoying one of your favorite liqueurs; why not where something hot and spicy to put you both in the mood for something a little more than a drink…

Sexy Valentine’s Day costumes are a fantastic way to show your partner or date that you’ve been planning and looking forward to ta special Valentine’s day night! No one will be disappointed with a Cute Cupid in pink or Angel in white. A good sense of humor is an important part of making others feel comfortable with you and setting an entertaining mood. Costumes are a good way to show your funny side and get the point across that you mean business. Just as your dinner outfit was carefully picked out and planned, your Valentine’s Night outfit should have similar thought put into its selection. Night wear and sexy costumes will make Valentine’s night a memorable experience that you’ll want to repeat year after year.

This Valentine’s day bring a little fun and comedy into your night by trying out a sexy costume. Put on a little show for your partner and let the spirit of the holiday into your bed!

Happy Valentine Day! Start planning before it’s too late!

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