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Mrs Claus Elf Eskimo and other Holiday Costumes

Friday, December 10th, 2010

Womens Christmas Costumes

Christmas is Fast approaching and what a better time to get a great holiday costume for your next holiday party, like one of our Mrs. Claus Costumes. We have so many different varieties of mrs claus costumes to choose from our long velvet dress mrs clause costume to our sexy miss claus costume! also we have many other holiday themed costume like our classic Elf costume or how about an Eskimo costume. Our Elf Costume is a one of a kind and of great quality, why not dress up as santas little helpers this christmas and try one of our terrific elf costumes! Or one of our eskimo costumes, who else are you gonna run into on the way to visit santa in the north pole! And for the Ladies how about a sexy elf costume or one of our many sexy holiday costumes like our sexy mrs claus costume, or our sexy elf costume, we have so many women’s christmas costumes to choose, from our traditional mrs clause professional quality mrs claus costume. Also heres a great costume idea why not wear some of our sexy candy cane leggings. This would definitely be a sexy costume addition to any party, or looking for the more traditional costumes for women, how about our mrs claus costumes complete with real velvet and that holiday cheer that only say christmas! along with our eskimo costume and our elf costume we have all the holiday costumes to choose from that will make this christmas an extra special holiday!

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Santa Costumes

Friday, October 29th, 2010

Santa Costumes

Its almost everyones favorite time of the year again, the time when Kris Kringle comes down 34th street with his big bag of gifts and spreads joy throughout the land! Everyone loves Christmas so why not dress up this christmas to make it an extra special Christmas this year. We have some great christmas costumes from your traditional Santa costumes, to sexy santa costumes and everything in between, wether you want to dress up as an elf or a reindeer we are sure to have the elf costumes and reindeer costumes to make this christmas extra special. We even have Kris Kringle Costumes so you will be sure to look the part when walking don’t he street with a bag full of gifts and a reindeer carriage talking you around the world to spread joy to all! We have all the santa accessories you will need to go along with that santa costume too, like santa shoes, belts and glasses, that will make you look the part! Don’t have white hair? no problem, we have lots of Santa Wigs in stock are ready to ship to you before christmas. Wanna be one of santa’s helper? why not dress up as an elf you will be sure to get some giggle especially in our elf shoes. We have so many costume accessories that you will be the star of the holiday party! Or how about dressing up as Santa’s other half Ms. Claus. you will be sure to be a hit at your next holiday gathering as Mr. Claus Costumes and our Mrs. Claus costumes. or how about being a sexy santa this holiday season, we have a wide variety of sexy santa costumes to choose from, as well as many other sexy costumes

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Time for Sexy Christmas Costumes and Lingerie

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

Christmas and Holiday Lingerie

Yes its almost that time of year! Need some Costume ideas for Christmas!? time to look your best for all the Office Christmas parties and Holiday gathering, what a great time of your to dress up as Santa in one of our santa costumes. you will be sure to be the biggest hit of the bash with one of our many Christmas Costumes, W have everything you need from exotic costumes, Christmas Lingerie, Holiday Costumes, and Santa Costumes. We have so many holiday costumes that will sure to satisfy all your christmas Costumes needs. Take for example our wide range of Santa Costumes, like our sexy mrs claus Costume, or sexy ms clause costume, or how about spicing things up with a sexy santa costume. You will be sure to put a smile on your special someones face when you show up to your next holiday party wearing one of our Holiday lingerie items. We have sexy elf costumes that will be sure to make anybody be nice this holiday season! or how about one of our sexy christmas costumes, they are sure to be a hit if your looking for christmas lingerie, then you have come to the right place. we have all kinds of sexy christmas costumes and sexy christmas Lingerie you will be amazed on how many compliments you get in one of our sexy Mrs.Clause Costume, or Sexy MS. Claus costumes. Or if you want to surprise the grand Kids this year for christmas and make it one of the best holiday seasons yet! Have grandpa dress up as santa for a memorable Christmas!

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Halloween Lingerie is a Costume everyone will remember!

Monday, September 20th, 2010

Halloween Costume Lingerie

Lingerie is something that you may only think of wearing in the comfort and privacy of your bedroom. Halloween is the one night where this rule need not apply. Looking risque and sexy for Halloween is certainly a trend that has been going strong for many years now. To kick it up a notch its no longer enough to just wear a cute short skirt witch costume, it is now the standard to pair lingerie with costume accessories to create your own unique and exotic costume. The theme doesn’t matter as much as the garments themselves. Now, I’m not suggesting that you wear a g string out on a chilly Halloween night, but I am suggesting that you match some sexy lingerie peices, like a cami top or a partially exposed bra to take your costume to a level of sexiness that will have you feeling sultry even in the brisk fall weather.

If you’re in California like me you know that Halloween can actually turn out to a warm night, so don’t be afraid to create a costume that is all lingerie. A corset or bustier with leggings and garters and a leg avenue mini top hat can create a sort of burlesque performer outfit that is super trendy right now. Vintage is big, obviously. Vintage lingerie choices are excellent for Halloween. Be a sexy zombie or ghost, just make sure that your lingerie is period so that everyone knows the look you’re going for. You don’t want to just show up in a monokini and pale makeup! Or maybe you do, still would be sexy…


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Belly Dancer Costumes and Egyptian Costumes

Sunday, September 19th, 2010

Belly Dancer Costumes

The harem culture is an ancient culture from Egypt. become part of this ancient culture with our Harem costume. It is one of the best and sexiest costumes, putting men into a trance with to its flowing sheer fabric and beautiful colors. Also a great choice is our Cleopatra costume, with beautiful white gown and gold accents will make you feel like a queen and perhaps you will fine your prince on Halloween! We have many egyptian costumes for halloween, great for a halloween party, sexy costumes for women, and a variety of halloween costumes. Many middle eastern costumes like this are available in our harem costume line such as the belly dancer costume where you can live your fantasy of being a belly dancer, entertaining everyone with your hypnotizing dance. the beautiful belly dancer costume comes with Fringe, Pants, Veil, Overskirt and Head Ties with attached Scarf for an extra authentic belly dancer look. If your feeling ghostly try our womens mummy costume. You will be the talk of the party with this great mummy costume or our gothic mummy costume. Another Egyptian costume is our i dream of jeannie costume. Maybe you wanna look like barbara eden in her prime check out our I dream of jeannie costume, and for a cute couples idea have your husband dress like her Astronaut Master. Grant him his wish of a sexy harem wife, i not just for one sexy halloween night! from Harem costumes, cleopatra, i dream of genie costume, we have all you middle eastern costumes.

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Race Car and Nascar Costumes

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

Race Car Costumes

If you’re a fast woman, a girl who knows how to have fun then you should rev up your engine and get into a racer girl or nascar costume. Car racing is the most popular sport in America and if you want a Danica Patrick costume, you’ll need to act fast. Haha. Maybe not too fast since Halloween is still a little ways off, but a sexy race car driver costume is a fun way to attract some attention from some male fans and to stand out in the sea of witches and vampires. Race car drivers are obviously some of the most famous non Hollywood celebrities out there, so if you do your costume right you’ll have no trouble getting recognized as the athlete of your choosing. I guess they’re not really athletes in the sense that they play a sport, but in a sport as competitive as Nascar, these pros deseve some sort of title.

Racer girls are a popular costume for going to costume parties. They’re a conversation starter like no other. Most of the constructions are comfortable as well. I mean how can a jumpsuit not be comfy? There are sexier designs as well, for those who want to show a little leg this Halloween season. Like I say a lot, more and more costumes for women are on the sexy side of designs. This basically means that the costume are cut a little short, tighter and lower in the chest region. Live it up, it’s Halloween!

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Goddess Costumes

Monday, August 9th, 2010

Goddess Costumes

You need to express your inner goddess. By wearing a beautiful goddess costume this Halloween. Don’t be caught in a in a scary costume when you wan to show off your classical beauty. If you hide behind a mask how are you supposed to go out and meet new people anyway. Even if you do take the mask off you’re going to be sticky and sweaty. Not that I’m trying to discourage people from buying Halloween costume masks, but if you want to show off your good looks on Halloween, a mask isn’t the best way to go. For a greek goddess there needs to be details of gold and a lot of white fabric. Some of the sexier costume are short enough that you’ll be showing off some leg. If that’s what you’re looking for.

An Athena costume is the opposite of the Aphrodite costume. While Aphrodite is feminine and Queenly, Athena is the Goddess of the Hunt. A strong, but still beautiful woman of great intellect. While not as popular a costume as the Aphrodite costumes, Athena is a good way to achieve a unique for Halloween. There is less likelihood you’ll bump into another Athena. Greek and Roman Goddess costumes are generally pretty loose fitting, perfect for parties where you want to be as comfortable as possible. You don’t want to be wrapped like a mummy when you need the flowing garments of the Greek Gods. Be divine as Aphrodite and Athena this Halloween. It’s a superb costume idea.

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Bumble Bee and Lady Bug Costumes

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

Sexy Bumble Bee Costume

Looking cute and looking good on Halloween or at a costume event don’t have to be mutually exclusive. There are many costumes available that meet the needs of those who don’t just want to look cute, but sexy too. If you’re going to go out there and mingle, you want to look good doing it. Dressing up as a Bumblebee or Lady Bug is very cute and very feminine. When you want to attract a special someone consider some of the shorter cut skirts that go with these costumes. Not that you need to dress sexy to attract a mate, but it’s Halloween and you should relax and enjoy yourself. Pour yourself a party drink in a red cup and buzz around the party in your bee costume.

LadyBugs are, of course, cute too. The red and black is very catchy to the eye, so why not add to that with a short cut or a v neck. Go ahead, it’s only Halloween once a year. If you don’t like ladybugs or bumblebees, which may make you a weirdo btw (jk), there are other cute and sexy bug and animal costumes that you can choose from. There is a particularly popular Cougar costume that is a cougar print body suit with ears. Be the cougar on the the prowl on the outside that you are on the inside. Sexy costumes and Halloween go hand in hand. Jump on board the fun wagon and join the fast crowd…if just for one night.

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Sexy Holiday Costume Lingerie

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

Sexy Holiday Costume Lingerie

The holidays are approaching fast. I’m not just talking Halloween either. Although, that is my favorite holiday. Halloween marks the beginning of the most fabulous time of year, the Holidays! First comes Halloween, then comes Thanksgiving, then Christmas/Chanukah and then New Years! Ah, so much fun is coming. The parties and gifts don’t stop for two months! How could you not enjoy this most festive season. Anyway if you want to enjoy it with costumes, may I suggest bringing the fun into the bedroom! Very sexy. Very fun. Bring your festive mood into the privacy of your bedroom in a sexy Mrs. Clause costume or sexy elf costume. They’ll be the present you lover has been longing for.

For something a little bit different at Halloween consider wearing a sexy santa outfit door to door or at the big Halloween party. Looking sexy and grabbing some attention can be a little bit difficult. Especially if you’re not the only one dressed up. Try wearing something that’s off beat and stands out. There are bound to be many sexy witches and God knows how many vampires this year, so try a sexy elf costume that will have everyone asking how you came up with the very awesome idea. It’s ok, you can take all of the credit. People usually do. I’m used to it-sigh-. Haha. Seriously, though go ahead a wear something a little out of season to grab some extra attention. No one will be looking at the costume with the amount of skin some of these show off anyway…

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Sexy Costume Uniforms for Women

Friday, July 30th, 2010

Sexy Uniforms

Everyone always is talking about how sexy a man in uniform is. I don’t really get it, but I do know that women can look very sexy in a uniform too! Uniforms aren’t always all about functionality and conformity; in the world of costumes, uniforms can be some of the most alluring garments available. Stun everyone this Halloween in an intensely exotic military uniform that will have all your mates obeying your every command. Or be more sporting perhaps in a a sexy female jockey costume. Jockey costumes are great for horse lovers. Not that you’re in anyway endorsing horse racing by wearing a jockey costume, so don’t feel bad a bout it. Actually, maybe you are endorsing horse racing by wearing a jockey costume, but if everyone knows that you’re so against it already then the costume will still be an, ironic, success.

Sexy uniform costumes don’t stop at Jockeys and military mistresses. You can be a sexy sailor in a classic cruise ship look that is both retro and attractive. Look cute this Halloween in a sexy short sailor outfit. Sailor costumes are pretty popular every year, so getting the short cut version will make you stand out a bit in the crowd. Even if there are other sexy sailors at your particular event, you’ll surely be the sexiest one in an exotic sailor outfit! Looking good during Halloween means showing off some leg, so do it. Unless you want to a a lonely shut in, that is…

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