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It’s hot you need a Costume Fan

Friday, July 16th, 2010

Costume Fans

It is soo hot today. I mean so hot. I can’t handle it. I mean I was complaining just last week that this Summer had been unusually cold, but I take it back. I take it back!! It’s over 100 and humid. Weird, considering Southern California is usually pretty dry…Hopefully next week will be cooler or I need to install an extra AC in my car. Or I could just carry around a sweet costume fan to keep me cool. Yeah, it’s a little eccentric, but who cares?! I just know that it’s too darn hot and I need some relief. If not from an ac, then from the cool breeze generated by my own hand. I was out in the Alhambra area today visiting my grandparents and they don’t have air conditioning…can you believe that? Maybe that’s why you always hear about the elderly passing away in the heat. I, personally, think that it’s super dangerous for old people to live 100 degree plus weather. My grandparents, however, must enjoy the warmth. Point is, though, that I’m going to at least leave some cheap fans over there for them to use. For there health! Haha, maybe I just have a bunch of fans in stock and this seems like a decent use for them.

If you too want to stay cool in this summer heat, pick up a few costume fans to keep the breeze going. Don’t suffer waiting in lines at the fair without a fan to generate some relief. Mercy, it is hot!

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Hula Skirt and Coconut Bra

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Hula Skirt

Summer parties can have a lot of different themes or no theme at all. A fun one that reminds everyone that the season of the sun is here is the Hawaiian party. Since many people have tropical theme backyards already, a Hawaiian party is a natural choice for summer get togethers. Luau parties aren’t anything new. In fact, to a degree, they’re pretty retro. The Hawaiian theme was popular following Hawaii’s entrance into the United States in 1959. Most forget that Hawaii has only been a state for a short time, but that is beside the point. The youngest state in Union inspired a sort of tiki frenzy in the 1960s where bamboo wall cover and tall Mai Tais were all the rage. Why don’t you take you home back to a gentler time? Have a retro style Hawaiian Party complete with leis, tiki torches, coconut bras and more. Don’t forget to stock up on the coconut rum for an extra sweet time.

After you’ve consumed a few drinks accessorized with those cute little umbrellas sit back and enjoy your time in the warm sun of Summer. The season is all about spending time outdoors with friends and family, just relax and pretend that you’ve taken a tropical vacation. Maybe when the economy gets better you can take a real one, but until then enjoy the simple life and indulge your sense of fantasy! You can almost feel that humid warm breeze coming off the ocean…hold a shell up to your ear after you have another drink-you may hear the waves crashing on the shore…

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Costumes for 4th of July

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

4th of July Costumes

4th of July is a holiday where every American should go out and show their pride and patriotism. Not just by getting really drunk, but by wearing sweet Uncle Sam costumes that will embarrass your kids. It will teach them a good lesson about patriotism, though. Even if everyone else is laughing at you, it’s important to go out their and show your pride in country in the way that makes the most sense to you. Or something like that. Fourth of July is a great time for costumes, though. You don’t have to go overboard, but adding a few patriotic costume accessories to your outfit will tell everyone that you love America. Also, that you have a sense of humor!

Why not light up that barbeque wearing not a tall chef hat, but a tall Uncle Sam hat! Festive and funny! Just don’t use too much lighter fluid and catch your head on fire. Then you’ll look like you’re burning the American flag and all of your guests will hate you. I mean who could be so callous as to burn Uncle Sam’s hat on the 4th of July. That would be super lame of you. If you truly believe that America is a country and idea worth celebrating then don’t be shy and wear that red white and blue with pride! The 4th of July is best celebrated with gusto so be sure to have some tasty American beverages like bourbon or beer. Not Budweiser though. It’s now owned by the Belgians…

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